Saturday, February 21, 2009

US governement maps that support FYROM Macedonism-Expansionism

Agencies of the U.S. government take the Slavic arguments of Macedonism of the FYROM Slavs as facts "educate" accordingly the U.S. armed forces regarding the FYROM's sociology. The country book of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under the chronology of historical events besides erroneous dates it ties directly the Slavs to the ancient Macedonians following the tactics of the FYROM tactics which lacks evidence or proof for the allegations.[1] However, most revealing information in the same handbook was the map of "Macedonian occupied territories"(?).[2]

The implications of the above map are great since it tells the world that Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania occupy territories that the United States as a country recognizes the occupation indirectly approving their “liberation.” One could argue that it is indicative of a sloppy research work checking only the FYROM government and diaspora websites; probably it is. Nevertheless, the impression of such sloppy work is that the Armed Forces of the United States learned their “facts” that resulted from the FYROM Macedonism.

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States printed a map of the FYROM drawing direct lineage of its people from the ancient Macedonians. The U.S. Government Printing Office still has it on sale. This map shows a column (right) that people responsible for that region have poor understanding of the issue.

CIA Map of the FYROM.[3]

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  1. The time of "dark people" is running out ! God light is overcoming , and with that comes the true about Macedonian civilization . Because it has been hidden from the man kind history, by the "dark people" , in order to overrule the man kind (back in about 300 y .b.c.), so they rule the man kind of our days . Not be misunderstanding "dark people" are everywhere in every tribe and nation , those are the people who most of all loves money and power to rule with other people , for them , others are only slaves , quantity of waste material. They are the slaves of God's opponent's ! Let me say once more , it is proud to be born Macedonian as carrier of God word and keeper of the sent name of mother MACEDONIA ! Regards to all people over the world !


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