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"New" provocation from FYROM

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Determined to use every possible way to fortify the “Macedonian identity” and to keep the territorial claims against Greece , appeared the FYROM administration which now regulates “expedition” for the requisition of the properties of the so called “Aegeans”.

As it is known, already from July, when was set up issue of “Macedonian minority” in Greece and the returning of the properties to “Aegeans” even directly from the leader of the ultranationlist VMRO and Prime Minister of FYROM Nicholas Gruevski and the confirmation from the FYROM Parliament,has been organized an entire mechanism for the promotion and the support of the requests for properties requisitions.

The Provocation planning

A specialist prosecutor undertook to collect the requests of the concerned,accompanied by all these elements which could be used as titles of ownership,while a special service of ” immigration” undertook to modulate a specific form of a document for the easiness of the concerned people.

This enterprise is flanked by a team of jurists who target to operate on the Greek courts as well as on the European court. It is characteristic that according to informal information roughly 8.000 individuals have already mobilized for the submission of applications invoking Greek titles of property or even Ottoman titles or simply testimonies.

Indicative it is that a team of 500 “Aegeans” has calculated its claims for fortunes in the region of Thessalonica at 1 billion Euros, while an other who already has deposited an application to the Committee claims from Greece compensation of 176 millions Euros for fortune that his grandfather had acquired in the region of Thessalonica.

The demanding of fortunes does not, of course, have only an economic dimension, as this could be faced in any court. However, the specific way that FYROM move that procedure is the vehicle for the factual projection of the issue of “Macedonian minority” in Greece (of which a big part lives “banished” in Skopje) and of course in the second phase, the legalisation of territorial claims, via the demand for historical re-correction and reunification of “three slices of Macedonia”.

The standardized printed form which the FYROM side now has, is titled as “Real estates and other claims” and it will contain the recording of all properties’ financial elements.

Particular interest have two questions in which applicants are called to answer, the first is about the “conditions under which the fortunes were lost” and the other to whom today the fortune belongs with recommended answer the “Greek state”. As for the nationality of the applicant in the supplemented model that is distributed, the answer is of course “Makedonsko” and the name is “Georgios Donis”.

Of course the FYROM Provocation planning focus not only in the Slavmacedonians but also in the Albanian Chams and Turkish Macedonians what ever that means.

From the document are not absent, of course, and the comical elements, and that’s because it is included provision in order to be declared if the house that is claimed had oven, if it existed a barn with threshing machine, how many domestic animals, cows, sheeps, mules, pigs, chickens etc. had been belonging to their property and even how man kilos wheat or goods of household consider that they were lost

The Aim of the FYROM provocation

FYROM’s irredentist policy towards Greece from 1944 to the present, a policy that is in flagrant breach of the Interim Agreement signed by the two parties in 1995 expressly calling on them to put an end to any mutual expressions of irredentism. The pseudo-irredentist propaganda of Skopje, by which it essentially disputes Greece’s sovereignty over the northern part of the country, will be promoted with a barrage of advertisements on the American media, and with the publication of law suits by so called “Aegean Macedonians” against the Greek state as wrote Mihalis Ignatiou in Ethnos Newspaper article.

'Aegean Macedonia' is a Slav Macedonian irredentist term used to refer to the region of Macedonia in Greece, in the context of a 'United Macedonia'. The origins of the term seem to be rooted in the 1940s but its modern usage is widely considered ambiguous and irredentist. The term has occasionally appeared on maps circulated in the former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), which envisioned Greek Macedonia (referred to as "Aegean Macedonia") as part of a "Greater Macedonia", and is regarded as a challenge of of the legitimacy of Greek sovereignity over the area

The historical dogma, taking shape in FYROM, backtracks the origins of this modern Slavmacedonians—the Makedonci— a full millennium to include the ancient Macedonians (5th century BC). This revisionist historical dogma, is not limited to encroaching upon the identity of a Hellenic people of the classical times.

It aims at expanding the boundaries of the historical “taktovina” (fatherland) of the “Makedonci” to include wide regions of Greece and Bulgaria. It is well known, that for decades the classrooms and school textbooks of history in FYROM have been adorned with maps portraying Macedonia’s “geographic and ethnic”, i.e. Slavic boundaries extending all the way to Mount Olympus and Chalkidiki, in Greek Macedonia as well as to the Pirin district of Bulgaria.

FYROM main headings were, are and will be...
  1. Renaming Greek Macedonia as ‘Aegean Macedonia’, and representing it as terra irredenta, as an integral part of FYROM.
  2. Claiming the existence of an oppressed ‘Macedonian minority’ within Greece.
  3. Appropriating emblems and symbols, and the Greek cultural legacy in general (with Ancient Macedonia as the focal point).
As long as FYROM plays at being a crusader for nationalist fantasies, it will sink in the political morass. And as FYROM sinks, it will act spasmodically and rather ridiculously. This problem does not only concern Greece, against which Gruevski now makes various unfounded but dangerous claims, but Bulgaria also and the entire region. Europe and the US should not only discourage FYROM officials, but are obliged to stop these , now that it is still early.

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