Monday, September 28, 2009

FYROM academy and Gruevski administration: Greeks are black Africans, Parthenon and Homer are part Slavic!!!!

As revealed yesterday, the "Thema" newspaper, the new incredible provocation contained in the so-called "Macedonians Encyclopedia, which have written, at the behest of the extreme-right Prime Minister Gruevski, the historians of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Skopje and presented himself with all solemnity on 16 September . The two-volume work of 1671 pages, the version of which was financed by public funds of the neighbouring country, according to Mr. Gruevski is absolutely express “the cultural and political past and our present”, the Skopje government not only tries to rewrite history region at will, but consciously alter key elements of our national Greek status.

Specifically, on page 67 of the encyclopaedia and under the word "Greek" states that "recent research has shown that the Greek nation as having been descended from black African tribes of the Sahara desert!"

The 260 Skopjans historians, bringing out the government arranged the shipment was, they note that the Greeks, coming from the continent, with virtually cultural backgrounds, "settled by the local appropriating Balkan cultures, which were advanced and shown as its own achievements.

The unprecedented provocation of Skopje government reaches in the point to characterize the Greek culture as result of counterfeiting and intercepting other cultures, while not hesitating to seize the historic Parthenon and even the Homeric epics! "Even the epics of Homer and the Parthenon is not the result of Greek culture, but as result of counterfeiting, adoption and even interception of these local indigenous cultures such as ours, the Macedonia!"

The new methodology of Skopje unacceptable, has not been any reaction from the Greek Foreign Ministry, this time not as a result of political unacceptable compliance applied systematically to national issues in recent years, but because apparently not even noticed! At the same time when the particular case has received international dimension with the involvement of the United States, Great Britain, Albania and Bulgaria.

Of course as I said Greek administration is absent in this new provocation from the ultranationalists.


  1. Standard garbage from the morons up north.

  2. time for the Slavic morons to be sent back to their homelands in the Siberian cesspool they came from....
    slavic people have never been true friends of Greeks or allies...they have been allies when it suits their ultimate goal (the friend of my enemy is my friend---plain and simple)
    send the slavic morons who reside in Greece back to their shit holes in Siberia

  3. The self-defeating absurdities of the "Macedonian" Encyclopedia need no comment from the Greeks. The longer they stand, the better. The books, however, will prove to be valuable evidence to be turned over to the ICJ, NATO and the EU.

  4. The self-defeating absurdities of the "Macedonian" Encyclopedia need no comment from the Greeks. The longer they stand, the better. The books, however, will prove to be valuable evidence to be turned over to the ICJ, NATO and the EU.

  5. The more literature they publish and the more disinformation they publish is exactly what they want. The general public is inherently stupid and will believe anything. That is the beauty of propaganda it can change simple minds to believe anything and do just about anything.
    Pan-Slavic propaganda will continue as it has from the times of the Tsar in Russia. Nothing will change.
    Such evidence is useless for Greece. There has been lots of proof of the lies but when you have the UK/US/Russia on your side like the skopians have do you really think a court is going to change things. The ICJ etc are just apparatus for the big countries to dictate their foreign policy. The other EU so-called allies/partners don't give a damn about Greece and Greece's culture/history/ethnic survival. Wake up Greeks we are alone in this world and will be in short time a distant memory like the Aztecs and Native Indians in North America.

  6. Greece's allies at the NATO conference in Bucharest supported Greece unanimously by rejecting FYROM's membership. Many of the EU states support Greece and the EU will not allow the oppening of FYROM's membership to the Union unless a mutually acceptable name is agreed to. On any issue, some nations agree with and support Greece and some are against her. This is how the real world works. It is not some fantasyland where everyone automatically takes little Greece's side. Like every other country, Greece has to fight for her policies and positions. To say that "Greece is alone" and Greece's partners "don't give a damn about Greece" is childish, self-pitying nonsense.

  7. I get a kick out of reading "Macedonian" sites that are full of hatred, invective and obscenities towards Greece and the Greeks. It would be a pity if some Greeks stooped to the same level of ignorance. Swearing at and belittling the other side is self-defeating and only gives them encouragement. One only helps one's enemies with such invective. Think how you feel when you read some foul and ugly words written by contributors from FYROM. If all you have to contribute is hatred, it would help Greece more if you said nothing.

    The above post from "Carol" is also mine.

  8. I just read the last two posts written by Alfred and Carol. Seems it is the same writer with a bi-polar complex or gender issues.

    It is obvious you are reading the news from only one source and believe that NATO backed Greece. Can you list the NATO allies that have recognized FYROM as Republic of Macedonia...just read them off at the NATO website (possible exclusion France since it wanted to sell a whole bunch of military equipment to Greece). The only reason they took the unanimous position was to show NATO is united against the Russians and the "fight against terrorism" campaign. They were trying to keep NATO relevant - nothing more nothing less.
    Here is a reality check for you Alfred or Carol or whatever you call yourself on the next posting? Do you think the UK would have been treated that way if the roles were reversed. No!

    The first countries to recognize the skopjians and their slavo-fascist crap were their brethren in the other slavic countries. That is the truth.

    What about the invasion of Greece over its modern history? Bulgaria, Albania? Civil War ring a bell the friendly slavic-communists. Probably not since the only history you know is from the History Channel.
    I agree with the Anonymous writer about the slavic people and what they are and their motives are perfectly clear if you do not wear politically correct lenses.
    I think you should take the next train to Siberia and join your slavo-fascist friends if you like them so far as I am concerned Greece must protect its borders from those whose intentions are and have always been to see its destruction. I am sure glad there were more Greeks like myself and the Anonymous posters otherwise we would still be under the rule of the turks or the slavics....
    Long Live Greece!!!

  9. Your hostility is unwarranted since we appear to be on the same side. Again, not every nation will automatically support Greece on every issue. Like every country, like every individual, Greece must fight to defend what she sees as her rights. Greece's main cards against Skopje at this time is preventing entry to NATO and the EU until the name issue is settled, and in this critical matter, Greece's allies have been steadfast.

    You present a political pikilia, an historical hodge-podge of unrelated events so confused that it is impossible to respond rationally. You seem to be saying that because Greece has had wars in the past, everyone is against her? That's an interesting psychological projection which would warrent further discussion on a relevent site. Anyway, we can agree on the Long Live Greece" part.

  10. Carol Alfred...
    Once again you lack the intellectual capacity to understand.
    Sadly your ability to grasp the historical events (wars etc) that show clearly that the slavic people are not our allies and have never been.
    You have no understanding of history. No understanding of anything.
    Yes...Greece's neighbours are against her and would be more than willing to invade if it were not for the military deterrent. No matter what you think or are led to believe if Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Italy have the opportunity to takeover Greece they would (read some history books on the countries that invaded Greece in WWII). Oh...I forgot it seems with the illegal immigration and EU free movement are doing such a wonderful job of what would have been done with a military force and that is taking over another country.
    Have you read any history? Are you as stupid as your postings? Are you capable of rational thought?
    Greece has no allies. Historical actions are indicative of future actions. Whether it is direct military action (picking the right time when your opponent is weak) or indirect destabilization (sending of thousands of illegal immigrants, falsification of history/propaganda [your skopjian-slavic friends choice of action since they have no means for military action to achieve their goals they ].
    Read some history books before you comment and attempt to justify your postings.
    You lack ALL understanding of geopolitics, military strategy, history etc etc....
    Please refrain from commenting on issues you lack knowledge and understanding you can save me the time of writing (very quickly) to an idiot like yourself.


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