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by  LS. Stavrianos**

Abdul Hamid became the autocratic ruler of the Ottoman Empire following his dismissal of the first Turkish parliament in 1877. At first he was generally praised for being industrious and sober in contrast to many of his predecessors. This favorable attitude gradually changed with the Armenian massacres of the 1890's and the chronic anarchy and bloodshed in Macedonia. By the turn of the century Abdul Hamid had become "Abdul the Damned" and the "Great Assassin." Whether villain or hero, Abdul Hamid was the master of the Ottoman Empire for three decades.

In his relations with the great powers Abdul Hamid's policy was simply divide and rule, or more accurately, divide and survive. He acquired a reputa tion as a consummate diplomat in pursuing this policy, though it is doubtful that much skill was required to persuade the British to oppose Russian ambitions in the Near East. In domestic affairs Abdul Hamid strove to safeguard his absolutist rule against the disruptive forces of nationalism and constitutionalism. To this end he discouraged travel and study abroad, maintained a great army of informers, and enforced a strict censorship of the press.

Three trouble spots in the empire gave Abdul Hamid the most trouble. One was Armenia, where a nationalist awakening similar to that of the Balkan peoples manifested itself in the second half of the nineteenth century. Another was the island of Crete, where the predominantly Christian Greek population took up arms on every promising occasion in order to attain their cherished enosis, or union with Mother Greece. The third area of trouble was Macedonia, the.......

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Macedonian identity is part of the identity of every single Greek citizen and we will not negotiate on that

.......Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas said in an interview at "Proto Thema" newspaper.

Also Mr Droutsas points out that official Athens insists on negotiations only on the name and thinks that it is a mistake to add issues connected only to the language and identity in the negotiations as the Macedonian identity belongs to every single Greek citizen.

Greece will require amendments to the Constitution of formeR Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(FYROM) so as to realize the formula for a common name for international use. This is the position expressed by Droutsas, who as if covered the Greek red line with concrete.

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz shouldn’t have added the rest of the issues in this proposal in 2005 but the worse thing was that the previous Greek government of PM Kostas Karamanlis agreed to discuss them, Droutsas remarked.

Whole interview in this link.

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FYROM President insults EU's vision

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council
December 9

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) is appalled by the latest statements made from FYROM´s President Gjorge Ivanov. According to MINA news, President Ivanov controversially stated "We will not cave under any pressure to change our name or identity just to be a part of the European Union. We've lived this (hi)story many times before, not again. Whatever the outcome of the talks in Brussels, Macedonia (FYROM) will stay right here" threatening to remain outside the EU as the ´Republic of Macedonia´.

Ivanov continues: "Europe unfortunately still has leaders who allow to be carried away by someone's petty interests and hidden agenda.. We see the absence of vision at the EU". These statements have revealed FYROM´s ongoing disregard for reaching a compromise to the name dispute with Greece, that has disallowed it entry into the EU and NATO.

AMAC hopes FYROM will change its current hardline policy, and not continue to insult the European Union and its member states, but instead to tackle the real issue at hand.

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC)

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Greece Blocks EU Bid to Set Date for FYROM Entry Talks

Greece blocked a proposal to set a date for the formet Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to start talks to join the European Union, saying the country’s name implies a territorial claim on a Greek province of the same name. EU governments “will return to the matter” in the first half of 2010, foreign ministers said in a statement in Brussels today.

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Handbooks from the archives of the British Foreign Office-1920

"Makedontsi" not included in the list of Macedonian ethnicities:

Look who introduced the moto "Macedonia for the Macedonians" and for what purpose.Also notice why the Bulgarian government was forced to persecute VMRO and arrest its prominent members.The British Foreign Office is certainly a more reliable source than any Scopian dedo.

Compare this article of the London Times from April 14,1901 which confirms what the British Foreign Office wrote:
When Sarafov and other members of VMRO were arrested in Sofia,the Commitee placarded in the streets the following appeal: "Fellow citizens,the Bulgarian national cause has been attacked"

by Kapetan Doukas

Intimidating Greek bloggers, covering insults against Greek politicians

May 11, 2009. “Forum” magazine publishes online an open letter to the then Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, authored by Mr. Milan Adzievski. The next day, an english translation is provided by “MINA” news agency.
Hello Black Manlis,
This is how your last name in the Macedonian language translates.
Let me ask You, even though I know my questions wont reach your ears: With what right do you insist of being Macedonian, when in your Turko-Greek language you are Karamanlis?
If you start digging a little bit in your roots, there is a great possibility of meeting a Turk who perhaps out of love, though more likely forced himself on your grandma or great-grandma, as it is usually done by occupational armies.
Have you ever wondered why you have KARA as your starting prefix?
Say hello to your Turkish compatriot Karajaferis, and ask him the very same question I asked You.
How do you ask for monopoly on history? No one is allowed to look back in history, apart from You, and your “Greeks”.
Will you ever be able to find some strength and dignity and admit that the prehistoric citizens of Athens, Sparta … referred to the Macedonians as barbarians?
With your quenching thirst today to all of a sudden become Macedonian, aren’t you jumping in your own deathtrap: that you are barbarian.
How else to describe, or explain the efforts of the Greek Government to destroy the Macedonians, their villages, cities, language, rivers, homes, names, graves… unless it is a barbaric move?
In the history books, only the barbarians committed such heinous crimes and unpunished (yet) methods of genocide.
But that was then when civilian criterias weren’t at satisfactory levels, or maybe I am wrong, I am awaiting your answer.
Are today’s barbarians wearing white shirts and ties instead of skins from killed animals?
If you know the answer, write to
PS: Do you know who was Arhimed? He ran naked through out Athens yelling “Eureka” because he found out that every body submerged in water, pushes out as much water as the volume of the body.
In your greek case, this law would be: Every fascist move submerged in nationalism, pushes out as much stupidity as the volume of the fascist.
What is your weight, Black Manlis?
May 13, 2009. “Ta xalia” (pronounced “ta halia”, meaning “the mess”), a greek blog from Thessaloniki, Macedonia, addresses the matter. “Costas Karamanlis, you’re a barbarian Turk, because a Turk soldier raped your grandmother”, says the post title. “Who says these bullshit?”, protests the angered editor.

An hour later, the blog returns with a new post, titled.......

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Krste Crvenkovski : we were Bulgarians until 1940

Krste Crvenkovski (President of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia) to Todor Zhivkov (First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bulgaria) – May 19, 1967 said:

“And whether bulgarian consciousness exists in Macedonia, this is a historical legacy. We’re now writing our history. We can’t write that until 1940 we were Bulgarians and after 1940 Macedonians.”

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Pr Loring Danforth: Macedonians(of the FYROM) are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians; they are Slavs.

An intresting comment took place from Pr. Loring Danforth regarding the ethicity of the Slavmacedonians  at the
Here is the abstract:
I have always stated, and I repeat here, that modern Macedonians (people who have a Macedonian and not a Greek national identity) are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians; they are Slavs. This means that they speak a Slavic language. Similarly Greeks are Indo-Europeans, since they speak an Indo-European language. This does not mean that Macedonians should be called Slav Macedonians, any more than Russians should be called Slav Russians or Greeks should be called Indo-European Greeks. In my opinion, Macedonian nationalists who deny they are Slavs and claim they are direct descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians are extremists. They are making inaccurate statements that are bad scholarship and bad politics. Building a statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje and naming the Skopje airport after Alexander the Great are in my opinion irresponsible acts that are not in the best interests of the Republic of Macedonia.

I have also consistently stated that people who have a Greek national identity and a Macedonian ethnic or regional identity as Macedonians also have every right to identify themselves as Macedonians. In my opinion no one has the right to monopolize the term “Macedonians” and deny others the right to identify themselves as Macedonians. References to “occupied” portions of Macedonia are also extremely irresponsible and inappropriate. I support the human rights of the Macedonian minority in Greece, as I do the rights of the Greek minority in Turkey, and the Albanian minority in the Republic of Macedonia.
My remark goes to the...regional identity as Pr Danforth quoted. There is not any kind of regional identity. There are two kinds of identity: .......