Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paidomazoma: the gathering of the Greek Children

In 1948, Cominform, the first official forum of the international communist movement since the dissolution of the Comintern, put into action a plan to take hostage to communist countries children from Greece during the Greek civil war. The aim was to re-educate the children as well as blackmail the populace and the Greek government towards reaching a settlement leading to a partition of Greece and the subsequent creation of an internationalist "Macedonian" Republic. This move has favoured by the Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito and had been a Comitern policy aimed at destroying the national states of the Balkans through the creation of internationalist republics. Today several FYROM sources claim........

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Greek position on the FYROM naming dispute according to Georgios Koumoutsakos

The Greek position on the FYROM naming dispute, described by the Greek member of the European Parliament Georgios Koumoutsakos (Group of the European People's Party - Christian Democrats) in an interview for the FYROMacedonian A1 Television, 04.02.2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rabid attacks against the Greek President and Deputy MFA laced with hatred and profanities

The language used in a stream of op-eds, press releases and postings in mainstream websites of the Muslim Minority of Western (Greek) Thrace and the Makedonski (Slavomacedonian) communities in Greek Macedonia and trans-Atlantic diaspora, raises eyebrows, points --once again-- to deeply entrenched psychological pathologies and dampens enthusiasm about the prospect of a nearing solution.

Three representative examples are presented below:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The solution of the "Republic of Northern Macedonia" U.S. proposed

The package also  includes changing the language to "northmacedonian"  The intention of the U.S., where a positive response in Athens, be referred to as the FYROM as "Republic of Northern Macedonia" allegedly informed the Greek Prime Minister as the chairman of U.S. Barack Obama and Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton. Information indicates, however, that the Papandreou reserved respond after weigh all the data.

Under Step, Washington appears willing to reconsider its stance on the FYROM name, recognizing that the enlargement of NATO in Southeast Europe can not proceed if there is no solution.

In this context, the B.Obama and H. Clinton informed the Greek Prime Minister that if they accept the proposal may ......

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Skopje's Award for its Racist Behavior and the Treaty of St. Germain-en Layé of 1919: EU Application of Double Standards on the Name Issue

 By Marcus A. Templar

In Business Law, the principle nemo dat quod non habet means that no one may give what one does not have; nevertheless, this principle goes a little further. This rule stays valid regarding stolen goods, even if the bona fide purchaser does not know that the seller has no right to claim ownership of the object of the transaction. Thus if goods are stolen, the buyer does not get ownership even if there was no indication that they were stolen. Accordingly, the consequence of the above principle is that a person who does not own property, that is a thief, may not confer the stolen property to another person except with the true owner's permission. The same applies in International Law.

The legal status of each country is that of an artificial person. In the case of the name dispute between Skopje and Greece, the UNSC resolutions have indicated that because Greece complained that the name Macedonia, its derivatives, and its property – historical, social, and even spiritual- belongs to Greece by inheritance, Skopje may not bear the same name without the permission of its owner. Since the owner does not allow any country to bear it, Skopje had to ........