Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nimitz, the Final Proposal in FYROM name dispute

UN envoy Matthew Nimetz submit his final blueprint on the FYROM name dispute . Believing the time has come for a mutually acceptable solution, the Greek side will enter the talks with that goal in mind, Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos told state-run radio station NET 105.8. He voiced his conviction that Matthew Nimetz will put forward a new and better-processed package of ideas, while he did not rule out a proposal on the name.
Greece will not consent to the creation of ally relations between FYROM and NATO unless the name dispute is settled, concluded Koumoutsakos.
Ambassador Vasilakis thanked Nimitz and the FYROM counterpart and said that Greek government will examine the final proposal.
According Ignatiou and Mega Channel the proposal is
Double formula
  • One name for inside FYROM and bilateral usage
  • One name for the international usage
  • Suggestion to the UN members to following the second solution. USA agree and will following in that as I have already mention.

The names of the second option are

  • New Republic of Macedonia
  • Republic of New Macedonia...Nova Macedonia

Slavmacedonians has rejected this formula and Greek side probably discuss it with the second option as about the name.One more think is that yesterday night Greek side make clear to Nimitz that want

  • One name for all usage
  • Name with specific geographical specification
  • Solution below the NATO summit
  • Failed of the negotiations mean VETO

In my opinion Slavamacedonins is in the corner since Greece will ACCEPT the double formula.

Greek TV corresponded that Greek journalists beaten and in this time Greek Office is under attack and the FYROM Police is .....Invisible.


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