Thursday, February 28, 2008

FYROM actions after the Greek Veto....

FYROM will officially revoke the interim agreement, thus it's validity will be annulled, and that the name dispute talks with Greece or any other country will be stopped if Greece puts a veto on 'FYROMs accession to NATO. In that case FYROM will send an official request to the UN on recognising the constitutional name. Given the intention, FYROM will turn to the Security Council of General Assembly, or to both of them, if it evaluates that it's the best option.

FYROM in case of a Greek veto will also organise a referendum for preserving the constitutional name in order to prevent any current or future high-profile politician from changing the name.

Moreover, a procedure on retrieving the old original flag (Vergina sun) will be instigated having in mind that the change of the flag didn't contribute to mitigating the name problem. It is anticipated this idea to be accepted because both Slavmacedonians and Albanians honour Alexander the Great.

Out of the same reasons, a procedure for retrieving the constitutional amendments from 1992 will be started, while appropriate legal procedure regarding the minority issue of the Slavmacedonians in Greece will be launched.

Hundreds of streets, highways, buildings, stadiums, sports halls and squares will be renamed, bearing the names of great ancient Macedonians. Also the Tabanovce-Bogorodica route of Corridor 10 will be named Alexander the Great Highway, whereas the new airport in Stip will bear the name of Philip II.

Closer ties with Turkish Occupied Cyprus will be established, as well as the partnership with USA and Turkey will be reinforced and implementing Ancient Macedonian symbol's in the equipment of Macedonian sports teams.


  1. Yes, great response!!I think that will be the best way to handle Greek official foreign politics.Fucking assholes!Long live Macedonia.Macedonia to Macedonians!!!!

  2. Well, "Molon Lave" my friend. In other words, "come and get it", with ALL your allies. We have something for all of you. We are Greeks, remember??? SCorpio7


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