Saturday, February 09, 2008

FYROM irredentism .....

The below picture show the FYROM Prime Minister Gruevski when put flowers on the grave of the revolutionary Goce Delchev on the anniversary of its 136th birth day. On the grave has been put a map of Greater Macedonia that includes what is nowadays Greek Macedonia and Bulgarian Macedonia.

Now tell me dear neutral observer ?

Do you really beleive that this tiny State has fairly policy against Greece and the Greek people. Mant times I have wrote taht cause of this ultra-nationalist behaviour is a ideology that flourish and in FYROM borders and grow dynamically in diaspora Slavmacedonians.This ideology call as Macedonism.
FYROM main headings were, are and will be...
  1. Renaming Greek Macedonia as ‘Aegean Macedonia’, and representing
    it as terra irredenta, as an integral part of FYROM.
  2. Claiming the existence of an oppressed ‘Macedonian minority’ within
  3. Appropriating emblems and symbols, and the Greek cultural legacy in
    general (with Ancient Macedonia as the focal point).

FYROM’s irredentist policy towards Greece from 1944 to the present, a policy that is in flagrant breach of the Interim Agreement signed by the two parties in 1995 expressly calling on
them to put an end to any mutual expressions of irredentism.


  1. macedonia for macedonians republika makedonija we are not bulgar serb or greek we are macedonian`s greek propaganda aleksandar is not greek hes king of macedonia macedonian`s speak macedonian langigue

  2. Volk bobody has any objection as about your ethnical feelings. The problem is your Macedonism

    With these perspectives in mind, the insistence of FYROM Slavs to be called “Macedonians,” a name dictatorially established and supported by communism’s brutal force and in the present from the US administration, clashes now with the age-old freedom of Hellenic Macedonians to be called “Macedonians.”

    If FYROM considers itself Macedonia, a false and audaciously daring step that brings the origin of its Slavic inhabitants close to Philip and Alexander the GreaT then the insistence of these people tobe called “Macedonians” clashes head on with the age-old freedom of others to be called “Macedonians.”

    FYROM has the right to survive and prosper, but it does not have the right to acquire, by international recognition, an advantage enjoyed by no otherstate in the world:

    …to use a name which of itself propagandizes territorial aspirations at Greece’s expense !!!

  3. iredentisam is not free dom for makedonians


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