Friday, September 10, 2010

AMAC Launches Lecture Program 2010

PRESS RELEASE 7 September, 2010

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) Launches Lecture Program

AMAC Organises a Series of Lectures Australia-wide for West Australian classicist professor and Chicago-based expert in Macedonian studies.

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) is pleased to announce it has arranged for a series of lectures concerning Macedonian history to be given across Australia by two highly esteemed scholars.

The first of those scholars is Professor John Melville-Jones of the University of Western Australia. The professor is 1 of 7 Australian academics to have signed the Macedonia Evidence Petition (see The Petition has now been signed by 332 mostly non-Greek academics world-wide and was sent to President Obama, it urges the President to reverse the US’ recognition of the FYROM as the ‘Republic of Macedonia’ and to ‘help the government to Skopje to realise it cannot build a national identity at the expense of historical truth’.

Professor Melville-Jones’ lecture itinerary is as follows:

Friday October 1Australian Macedonian Advisory Council Annual Dinner Function (622 Nicholson St, North Fitzroy), Topic:‘The Importance of Historical Truth’, at 7pm

Monday October 2Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria (Lvl 3/ 168 Lonsdale St), ‘The ‘Island’ of Kassandreia’, at 7.30pm

Tuesday October 5Melbourne University (Theatre 1 in the ICT Building), Topic: 'The Deplorable Life and Disgusting Death of Andronikos I', at 6:30pm

Wednesday October 6Monash University (Clayton Campus,
Building 13a, Theatre M2), Topic: 'The Last Days of Byzantine Macedonia' at 1.00 pm

Thursday October 7Latrobe University (Bundoora Campus, David Myers Building, East wing, Room E125)'The Deplorable Life and Disgusting Death of Andronikos I' at 12.05 pm

The second visiting scholar is Marcus Templar from the University of Chicago. Mr. Templar is a well-known figure in Pan-Macedonian Association USA, having served in the Military Intelligence Corps of the U.S. Army brings interesting perspective to issues related to the South Balkan Region.

Marcus Templar’s lecture itinerary is as follows:

Thursday September 30 – Melbourne
Pan-Macedonian House (470 Queens Pd, Clifton Hill), Topic: ‘The Macedonian Issue Today’ (In Greek), at 7pm

Friday October 1 – Melbourne
Australian Macedonian Advisory Council Annual Dinner Function (622 Nicholson St, North Fitzroy), Topic: ‘The History of Macedonia since 1870’, at 7pm

Sunday October 3 – Canberra
Hellenic Club of Canberra (Aegean Room), Topic: ‘The Importance of Macedonia in Christianity’, at 6pm

Tuesday October 5 – Fremantle
University of Notre Dame, Topic: ‘The Instability of Skopje and NATO’,
Time: TBA

Wednesday October 6 – Adelaide
Odyssey Festival, GOCSA (262 Franklin St, Adelaide),Topic: ‘The transformation of a Slav people to ‘Macedonians’’ at 1.00 pm

Thursday October 7 – Brisbane
Brisbane Greek Club and Convention Centre (29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane) Topic: ‘The transformation of a Slav people to ‘Macedonians’’, at 7:30pm

Sunday October 10 – Sydney
AHEPA Hall (394 Princes Hwy, Rockdale), Topic and time TBA

AMAC would like to thank the Australian Institute for Macedonian Studies and the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria for sponsoring the visits of Prof. Melville Jones and Marcus Templar by covering some of the travel and accommodation costs. We would also like to thank all those organisations who will be hosting Marcus Templar while interstate mentioned above, and also the Australian Hellenic Council in Sydney.

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