Sunday, August 08, 2010

Slav-Macedonian Australian newspaper prints falsifications

The perennially racist and deceptive newspaper, the ´Australian Macedonian Weekly´, has again been caught printing fabrications.

An article in the July 20 edition of the AMW, on page 35, stated that "The Australian Greens are the only political party in Australia that openly supports Macedonia's right to self-identification under its constitutional name."

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) contacted the Greens´ leadership to clarify whether it had such a policy. A letter from Brett Constable, National Manager of the Australian Greens Party, read as follows: "Thank you for your letter of 30 July referring to the Greens policy on the identification of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The Greens do not have a policy on this issue."

This letter establishes that, contrary to...
 the AMW´s claims, the Greens do not have a policy on the issue. Further, Mr. Constable´s letter referred only to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The AMW would be well-advised to cease its constant falsifications relating to Macedonian history and Australian politics.


  1. I am a faithful reader of "Maknews," "Mina Breaking News," and as many Slav Macedonian sites and newspapers as I can get access to. They are great fun, enjoyable and entertaining. Not least, it is flattering to read endless hysterics by writers in whose imagination Greece looms as a massive threat and the biggest and most powerful nation in the universe: controlling the EU, manipulating NATO and leading the US by the nose.

    The other day, these sites crowed like proud cocks because YouTube was refering to their "country" as "Macedonia" and not FYROM. A great victory for their side, no doubt. Wealth and power are just around the corner, surely.

    I will miss all these psychopathological rantings and delusional distortions when, and if, the name dispute is resolved.

  2. For example, this is something currently posted on the Slav-Macedonian "Maknews." I would regret it if one day we are deprived of laughs like these:

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    A quick study of Aleksandar's name shows his name has meaning in our Macedonian language.

    Aleksandar has Macedonian words in it that we Macedonians still use today.

    LEK = heal, to heal eg. lekar in Macedonian means doctor
    DAR = gift

    Possible meaning of Aleksandar's name in Macedonian could mean - The gift of healing

    This is just a quick look at the name Aleksandar, and l'm not a liguist. This is just an observation made using our language.

    You want Macedonia? Come and take it from my blood!


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