Friday, April 16, 2010

Bring Them Back - English Version

Reunite Them! BRING THEM BACK!
Thousands of pieces of Greek antiquities are hosted in the British Museum. Our campaign does not ask for the return of those.
We ask for the return of the Parthenon Marbles in Greece and the Reunification of the Monument.
We, the users of the Internet obtain power and we are able to mobilize the international public opinion. Our goal can be achieved this way.
Do you believe this is fair? If yes, help this goal come true.
Say your own BRING THEM BACK!

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  1. This is creatively and cleverly done and with a nice light touch that would appeal to the British mentality. It is a change from the usual Greek tact which so often seems like pleading or even whining.

    The missing element is the historical, and present, imbalance of power between Greece and the UK. The marbles were removed because Britain, Elgin, had the power to do so. Imagine if, instead of Greece, Israel or the United States (or Germany or France, etc.) were asking for the return of a major cultural artefact from the UK.

    Greece's present economic crisis, which could even become fatal, has rendered Greece even weaker and could weaken the country to a point where she not only cannot project the simplest foreign policy, but where she becomes vulnerable to every external pressure. Greece's independence, already compromised, is being diminished daily. If this pessimistic view sounds excessive, then look around you at the political and social behaviour of the Greeks at this time. No enemy has to destroy Greece. The Greeks will do it for them.


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