Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The solution of the "Republic of Northern Macedonia" U.S. proposed

The package also  includes changing the language to "northmacedonian"  The intention of the U.S., where a positive response in Athens, be referred to as the FYROM as "Republic of Northern Macedonia" allegedly informed the Greek Prime Minister as the chairman of U.S. Barack Obama and Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton. Information indicates, however, that the Papandreou reserved respond after weigh all the data.

Under Step, Washington appears willing to reconsider its stance on the FYROM name, recognizing that the enlargement of NATO in Southeast Europe can not proceed if there is no solution.

In this context, the B.Obama and H. Clinton informed the Greek Prime Minister that if they accept the proposal may ......
notify the Security Council that in future recognize FYROM as "Republic of Northern Macedonia" on the ground that speaks the Northmacedonian language.

According to U.S. sources, Papandreou reserved respond after weigh all the data. The same sources report that Washington is eager to join the Western Balkans into NATO because the "new defense strategy" of carrying the missile defense system in Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean from Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic, which was originally intended to be installed .

Noted that three countries in the region have responded positively to relevant soundings of Washington-Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, the latter provided that the "system" will be floating inside, which "can not just move east Cyprus and the Aegean.



  1. In an interview, assistant (or alternate) FM Droutsas has contradicted everything in the Ta Nea article. He has also said that Greece is discussing only the name of the new republic, as required in the Interim Agreement, and nothing else. It is well known that the introduction to the negotiations of issues of language and culture are attempts by FYROM to muddy the waters and to stall.

  2. First of all, I just wanted to say, if the Macedonians (Scopjians) believe that they are a distinct ethnic group from the Greeks, why then Alexander the Great send presents to the temple of Athena saying "These presents are from all Greeks, minus the Lacedemonians (Spartans)". As we can see, this great leader indetifies himself as Greek. 2nd, he send presents to the Godess Athena, which happens to be a Greek Godess. Third, even if he was not a Greek, and say a different ethnic hegemonic power, why have soldiers from other Greek cities if he hated them that much as Macedonians (Skopjans) claim. one may say "well, he was able to defeat via force, and made them fight under his leadership". Lets say thats true, but why spare the Spartans, since they use to be a great military force?

    Thats what few things I had to say. thank you


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