Tuesday, February 16, 2010

«Macedonia is as Greek as the Acropolis» South Australia Premier Rann says

Adelaide, 10.02.2010

I will speak of Macedonia being Hellenic and nobody will silence me, because it is something I believe in”. This was the answer of the PM of South Australia Mike Rann, to the reactions of citizens coming from FYROM.

Mr. Rann has been supporting in every possible way the Greek side on Macedonia and Cyprus, outraging the citizens of Australia who come from Turkey and FYROM.

“It is important because no one is entitled to steal another nation’s history or culture,” Mr Rann said.

Mr Koloski, president of the self proclaimed “United Macedonian Diaspora”, told The Advertiser that his people had been “slandered” and demanded an unconditional apology. He also met the Minister of Multicultural Affairs, Michael Atkinson in Adelaide and issued a letter of protest to Mr. Rann.

Mr. Rann stated in the past that “Macedonia is as Greek as the Acropolis”
The newspaper of Adelaide “The Advertiser” published an article whereby reference is made to Mr. Rann’s speech during the Dimitria Greek festival in the western suburbs in November in which he stated that FYROM’s president Giorgi Ivanov is“stirring up trouble in the most dangerous way” and affirms his commitment to Adelaide’s Greek voters and promises his Government will “remain firm and unswerving in our support for your cause”.

Source: ANA – MPA


  1. First he has to read the real history than he can speak.If you ask him where is Macedonia probably he will say in Asia. Macedonia never been Hellenic.Macedonia nothing to do with Greece.Macedonia is only for Macedonian

  2. Even though Slavic people have been at times been the majority population for the last 1,300 years in the Yugoslavic land that is now the country of the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, FYROM has little if anything to do with ancient Macedonia, and for sure nothing to do with Alexander, or Philip who only visited those lands as conquerors of Thracian and Paionian tribesmen. Because of this, when FYRoMakedonija declared its independence from Yugoslavia (NOT from Serbia!...let’s keep our history on solid factual ground!), Athens insisted that it could not be called Makedonija or Macedonia, and thus Skopje consented to be admitted to the United Nations with the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - a rather awkward name for a country , because it was only a temporary one- which the Skopians have since sabotaged and refused to accept their own signature on it.


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