Friday, February 26, 2010

Arrest of a Slav Macedonian far-right nationalist for anti-Hellenic reviews as regards Antonios Samaras

For more than a year the new president of Greek Centre-Right Party Antonios Samaras would be attacked through YOUTUBE. There were dozens of posts with photos and video statements, which were accompanied by anti-Hellenic mockingly comments.

Mr. Samaras had sued in order to identify the perpetrator. At the prosecuting and removing secret authorization, the Board of Electronic Crime (Greek Police) identified the electronic traces of the offender by sending relevant documents to Interpol. It was found that this is a 22 years old far right-nationalist Slav Macedonian and member of the FYROM Army, which was identified and formed the file against the prosecuting authorities in Skopje at FYROM. A few days ago it was the trial court in Skopje, but the 22 years old s not appeared in the courtroom. The case postponed and is expected in the coming days be called back for trial.

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  1. Ίσως να συνετισθούν έτσι τα κάθε είδους βλήματα.


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