Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greek Citizenship Code reform

The newly elected socialist government of George Papandreou is planning a drastic reform to the Greek Citizenship Code, the law governing the modes of acquisition of Greek citizenship.

The planned proposals would give Greek citizenship to:
  • children born in the country, as soon as one of their parents manages to stay legally in the country for five years, by declaration of their parents
  • children who attend the first three grades of grammar school, by their own declaration on their majority (18 years)
  • children who attend any six grades of school, by declaration of their parents
  • children born in Greece of one parent who was also born in Greece, ipso jure
The reform would also far simplify the requirements for Greek citizenship by adults, abolishing the need to be "of good morals and personality", and to have "knowledge of Greek history and culture", and requiring only that the applicant be in Greece during any 5 of the last 10 years rather than the requirement for 10 years in effect now.

While Greece currently ranks as one of the countries with one of the strictest nationality laws, the planned reforms have no parallel in Europe and will result in its adopting the.......
 loosest requirements in the Union.

The repercussions of the reform

There is widespread opposition to the reform, but the Greek constitution allows for a referendum to be carried out only on the initiative of the parliamentary majority, which is held by PASOK, the socialist party. Thus, it is expected that the governent initiative will pass and be enacted into law

Due to its geographical position, Greece receives about 75% of all illegal third-country migrants into Europe. In the past it has legalized hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in a series of blanket amnesty decrees.

Turkey does not honor a bilateral agreement with Greece to accept back illegal immigrants. Moreover, European Union regulations forbid the travel of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Greece to the rest of the Union. As a result, a large illegal immigrant population has accumulated in Greece.

The government reform is likely to increase immigration pressure on Greece. Moreover, many newly naturalized Greek citizens are unlikely to remain in the country but will use European freedom of movement rules to settle elsewhere in Europe. The dire economic conditions prevalent in Greece are likely to exacerbate this problem.

In essence, the Greek government is opening up a huge loophole into European Union immigration policy that may result in illegal immigrants using Greece to become legal and then proceed to their final destinations.

The Greek government's policies are also likely to negatively affect Greek public finances as naturalized immigrants, who are mostly employed in low-paid work, will have access to welfare benefits currently reserved to Greek citizens. The repercussions for the stability of the Euro zone are unknown.

What must be done

Citizenship law is decided by EU member countries.

However, Greece's newly adopted policies may jeopardize EU immigration policy by creating a "back door" into Europe. It may also jeopardize the stability of the Euro zone by putting a new burden in the already troublesome Greek public finances.

It is imperative for EU citizens and other EU governments to ask Greece for an assessment of the effects its citizenship policies will have on the rest of the Union.


Αντιπροσωπεία της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής στην Ελλάδα

1.Πρεσβεία Αυστρίας
2.Πρεσβεία Βελγίου
3.Πρεσβεία Βουλγαρίας
4.Πρεσβεία Γαλλίας
5.Πρεσβεία Γερμανίας
6.Πρεσβεία Δανίας
7.Πρεσβεία Εσθονίας
8.Πρεσβεία Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου
9.Πρεσβεία Ιρλανδίας
10.Πρεσβεία Ισπανίας
11.Πρεσβεία Ιταλίας
12.Πρεσβεία Κύπρου
13.Πρεσβεία Λετονίας
14.Πρεσβεία Λιθουανίας
15.Πρεσβεία Λουξεμβούργου
16.Πρεσβεία Μάλτας
17.Πρεσβεία Ολλανδίας
18.Πρεσβεία Ουγγαρίας
19.Πρεσβεία Πολωνίας,
20.Πρεσβεία Πορτογαλίας
21.Πρεσβεία Ρουμανίας
22.Πρεσβεία Σλοβακίας
23.Πρεσβεία Σλοβενίας
24.Πρεσβεία Σουηδίας
25.Πρεσβεία Τσεχίας
26.Πρεσβεία Φινλανδίας
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  1. PASOK's anti-Greek plan of offering citizenship to illegal immigrants is traitorous.
    The only purpose is to destabilize and dilute the indigenous Greek population and alter the cultural and linguistic homogenous characteristics. PASOK gains votes from these non-Greeks and sets themselves up for political domination for generations.
    The SAME tactic was undertaken in Canada by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (a fellow socialist like Papandreaou) who opened the doors to immigration. Trudeau sought to dilute the power of the ethnic French in Canada, specifically Quebec and to gain voters for the Liberal party.
    The result of Trudeau's actions was the balkanization of ethnic groups. The result of the wide open immigration: European majority has now become a minority in almost all major cities in Canada.
    Example: Toronto had a majority of Europeans 10 years over 60% of the population is Asian. The city has become balkanized with whole areas of the city becoming nothing more than colonies of Asia. English is not spoken nor are the signs on the stores are English.
    If you think Toronto has a Greektown you are MISTAKEN. Greektown is a bunch of restaurants and a few stores nothing more. It is Greektown by name only not by who lives there. Greeks are dispersed throughout Toronto and are not balkanized like the Asians who have established colonies.
    Multiculturalism has failed in every country it has been in. Multiculturalism only leads to one culture the one with the largest population inflow and balkanization.
    Do you believe Greece will survive when a couple million Chinese, Indians decide to immigrate and then they bring more of their people to colonize Greece?
    Take a look around Athens, Thessaloniki and you will see the colonization/ghettos/balkanization.
    Now add the millions that will come with PASOK's open door policy.
    Good bye Greek culture, language and people....welcome to the New Asia.
    There is no greater threat to our Greek civilization than the open door policies of the racist/anti-Greek policies of PASOK and the American-Jew-Greek George Papandreaou (lackey of the CIA??)

  2. "Anonymous" is a popular pseudonym on this site presumably because the real name, "Malakas" is already taken by those young Greeks who use it daily and universally to address each other.

    Anonymous' post regarding Trudeau's policies and the demographics of Toronto is absolute nonsense bordering on mental illness. Toronto, where I went to university, which is my wife's birthplace and which is a city I visit anually, is one of the most successful and envied cities in the world. Canada itself consistently leads independent media and United Nations surveys as one of the most desired countries to live in.

    Anonymous's ignorant, untutored and stupidly racist remark about Papandreou being an "American-Jew-Greek" places his opinions exactly where they belong: in the pigsty. The septic tank is both his inspiration and his natural environment. I presume he is the Slav "Macedonian" who regularly publishes his confused and distorted opinions on this site. They tell about him all we need to know.

  3. Carol I am sure that is an anonymous name also.
    As for calling someone malakas because they state their opinion/facts shows your are also a malakas.
    You have not provided proof against this individual's comments.
    But chose to personally attack the individual.
    I laugh at the so-called independent media surveys. There is no such thing. All media has a political agenda and saying such shows your lack of knowledge. Refrain for commenting when you lack the knowledge.
    As for the UN and its surveys. Are you for real? The UN has to be the most corrupt and biased organization on the planet. You think the UN is unbiased. Then you must believe the UN has acted in a fair manner for the Cypriots and sent the UN army to force out the invading Turkish army.
    Lots of UN Resolutions but nothing.

    As for Toronto being envied. The real reason is that the welfare provided to immigrants is possibly the most generous in the world. When you lived on a few dollars a day in Africa or Asia or Eastern Europe coming to Canada and getting all the benefits makes it feel like you won the lottery. I wonder if Canada and Toronto would be such a great place if there were no such welfare programs (free housing, medical, schooling, transportation, language courses, job placement programs) ---- I don't think so.
    As with all tourists, students they don't exactly get to see the real Toronto (I visited more than annually and I don't just hang out in the safe areas like yourself). I bet you didn't see the ghettos or the third world neighbourhoods which are balkanizing themselves and choosing their culture over the so-called "Canadian culture". The racial profile of Toronto has indeed changed and is not truly multicultural when one or two cultures are exponentially growing and will dominate. Is that multiculturalism?

    Read this to enlighten yourself and to see why Trudeau carried out the policy of multiculturalism.

    Seems multiculturalism is looked upon in your eyes as something that needs to be promoted. Sadly, multiculturalism is an ideology that has failed. I have not seen multiculturalism in Asia, specifically Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China (well China tends to have one ruling class [the Han largest ethnic group in the world] and the rest are second or third class citizens). Been there a number of times. Could it be that they only want their culture and people.
    I guess your wife was lucky that the Europeans that came to Canada took care of the indigenous people (Native Americans and their genocide) so she can claim it as hers. I guess multiculturalism has worked out really nicely for the Native Americans. Living on reservations, squalid conditions, a language and culture nearing extinction.
    Think of the Native Americans as the Greeks in Greece. Now what do you think is going to happen when non--indigenous becoming the largest population in Greece. The largest ethnic group in Greece will dominate culturally and linguistically and overtime ethnic Greeks will cease to exist.

    Judging by your comments you believe that Greece and its unique people and culture should cease exist. Seems racist and anti-Greek.

    As for George Papadreaou. He is not exactly an ethnic Greek (only his father is Greek) but a Greek-American and that is a fact. Like it or not. As for him being American-Jewish his mother's maiden name is also taken as a surname by Jewish people. So the conclusion he is American-Jew-Greek is possible and not unwarranted.
    As we know it wouldn't be to politically palatable for George Papandreou to reveal or state his mother was of Jewish-American origin. Considering the US and Israelis and Greece have not always been best of buddies due to their difference in geopolitical strategies and religious animosity that lingers.

  4. This site has been hacked and one has to post "blind. Anonymous defends his absurdities about Canada by refering to third world countries like Malaysia and defends his attacks of multi culturalism by including Japan and Korea, the most unicultural countries on the planet. Sheer nonsense. I tried his link and it leads nowhere. In defense of his rediculous ideas, he goes on to attack and denigrate the United Nations and to dismiss the entire media of the western world. He writes absurdities like the "differences of geopolitical stratagies" of Greece and Israel as if those two countries are attempting to divide the world between them. He clearly does nor know what geopolitical means. He talks of conflicts between Greeks and "Jews" without having a clue that American congressmen of Jewish background of both houses are some of the greatest supporters of Greece including the Sr. Senator Carl Levin who recently came out in support of Greece against the thieving Slavic attempt at usurping the name Macedonia and stealing Greek culture. He makes Hitleristic remarks about the ancestry of Papandreou's mother. To respond directly to such racist filth and ignorance is to soil one's self with the same bile and mud that Anonymous (very creative choice of pseudonyms) slings blindly. He attacks others energetically but whines if someone does the same thing to him. Pathetic.

  5. In responding to the racist garbage that Anonymous spews, one needs to wear rubber gloves and a gasmask for protection. It is best not to stir the festering pile, but it is difficult to let any of his ignorance stand. He writes about "religious animosity that lingers" between Greeks and Jews and knows nothing about the myriads of examples of Greeks who commited heroic deeds in protecting their Jewish fellow-citizens from the occupying Nazis. One of the descendants of these protected Jews is today a US congresswoman who is a passionate member of the Greek Lobby. The idiot Anonymous even attacks my wife's ancestors and accuses them of "genocide" because, thoroughly ignorant of history and current events, he assumes that the relationship between Canadian settlers and native peoples was the same as that of those in the United States. Canadian relations with native people were markedly different because of the legal structure of the British Empire (executive authority was established first in a settlement unlike the American "Wild West") and because of the democraphic balance in ratio to the vast territoy of British North America. Canadians even married native peoples in large numbers and their ethnic descendents, the Metis, are still a prominent group today. In Canada today, the entire region of the Northwest Territories, a land area much larger than Europe, has been renamed and given over to the administration of native people.

    Out of desperation and deceit, Anonymous sets up straw men and responds to statements that no one has made("the unique people and culture" of Greece).

    It is not logic or knowledge that drive Anonymous' "opinions"; it is bile and stupidity. What a sad little man he is.

  6. Carol believes to be an expert about Canada and native people.
    I would suggest you actually visit a Native people's website not the ones run by the Canadian government that cover over the atrocities. Seems your wife is your source of Canadian history with its sanitized Anglo views.
    You are a typical racist pig. Anti-Greek bastard. Sub-human communist/liberal/self-hating degenerate.
    I find it absolute shameful that you try to make the Metis out as co-existence between the Europeans and the native people. Little did you know that the Native people were having their women raped, bought and sold by the oh so kind French. I bet you would say that the US and the slave owners were in love with the African slaves they raped and fathered offspring. You are such a typical piece of scum.Distorting the facts to cover up about the colonization of Canada and US.
    Disgusting piece of crap you are. You should be ashamed for the lack of knowledge that has not been sanitized.
    Where the hell did you get stating the facts about Papamalakas about his ethnic background did you come up with racism against the Jews.
    You then start spewing comments about Slavs and then you start listing American Jews who support Greek positions. Wow. You are a real simpleton. But considering you went to University of Toronto, which has absolutely NO real requirements for FOREIGN students other than the ability to PAY the tuition. Your just brilliant like a retard.
    I guess our friend Kissinger who orchestrated the Cyprus event he was Jewish but American. A good friend of Greece in your distorted and mentally challenged mind.
    The senators of non-Christian faiths support Greece but they do so in a fashion that NEVER RESULTS in anything. They make it look like they are doing something but in reality nothing has been done for Cyprus, Skopjean' usurping of Hellenic history etc, Turkish threats and daily overflights. Do you recall the support from President Obama and Vice-President Biden to the Greek community. Do a search on the web to see the promises made to the Greek community. I guess you'll try to cover up the fact on that. Don't think Bush et al were any different. Same old promises same proclamations and letters of support but NO ACTION NO RESULTS.
    The point made about Papamalakas ethnic background clearly shows those of mixed ethnic background are never really able to balance their allegiances.
    Plain and simple nothing to do with racism you ignorant asshole that you are. But the modus operandi of the communist/liberal degenerate you are to attack someone and call them racism for simply stating the fact.

    As for Trudeau's policies the link works perfectly. But being a retard like yourself you need someone to help you. Plain and simple you are a liar.

    You seem to pick and chose countries and multiculturalism and the impacts on the native people. Pick and chose what you like to spew your hatred for ethnically homogeneous countries. You are a racist asshole.

    PART I

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. PART II
    The native people want to thank you for allow them to have their lands returned. You are such a nice European. Wow that really made up for the near extinction of these honourable people. Why doesn't Canada let them get FULL control of their lands. That is not going to happen with all the resources up there in the Great White North. Your such an asshole to try to make it look like the Native people are getting a good deal and are treated well. Native people are a thousand times worth more than you are!!

    Now I'm going to characterize you from your opinions:
    An ugly person with deformities, a face scared from acne, balding with a pony tail, a beard to cover up the acne but the beard is thin at best, wears glasses and believes that wearing them makes him an intellectual, likes to research off of Wikipedia, his family had some money to send him to Canada for school because he couldn't get into the university in Greece because he is a functioning retard, he married a Canadian girl (is she Asian or some other ethnic group that as a European man makes him feel superior in the fashion of a Master/Slave), having a small and next to inexistent male member he tries hard to make himself feel important...but he is not, he was picked on as a child as he was a ghastly sight to behold, he spends his time protesting and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police and banks, capitalism is poison in your mind as communism and a one world order (I meant one dictator) is what you desire, you think Castro, Chavez are not living the life of dictators, you find yourself dreaming of becoming part of the ruling elite and getting rid of democracy because it works against your interests..

    Am I close you racist, anti-Greek ...I would say 100% on target.

  9. You're comments say all about you that anyone needs to know.

  10. For those readers who, unlike Anonymous, do not have serious psychiatric problems, the name of the US congresswoman of Jewish background whose family was saved by Christian Greeks from the Holocaust and who is a stalwart supporter of the Greek Lobby and Greek interests is Carolyn B. Maloney, 14th district N.Y. She is one of many Americans of Jewish background who support Greek affairs and who attest to the close and historical relationship between the Jewish and Greek communities in the United States and in Greece.

    There are two vast areas of Canada which have been given over to self-government by native peoples, the Inuit. One is the regional government of Nunavik from parts of Ontario and Quebec and the other is the even larger region of Nunavit in the Northwest Territories. The links to their governments can be found on the internet.

    These self-governing administrations are characteristic of a Canada that is one of the most prosperous, civil and envied countries in the world.

  11. Carol seems like I described you perfectly the sub-human excrement you are. But I give human excrement a bad name by linking it to you.
    Can you clarify why the Jewish Lobby supported the Turkish Lobby and worked against the Armenian Lobby (Greek too) to have the Armenian Genocide recognized.
    Are you going to say that is FALSE and a LIE!
    Self-government for the First Nations in Canada? How nice of the Europeans to give them some say in their lands and life.
    I suggest once again that people should go to the First Nations websites and to talk to First Nations people to hear first hand of the racist policies that Canada continues with a veneer of self-government.
    You'll see that Carol is a pathological liar and racist asshole...making excuses and regurgitating lies and propaganda.
    Canada is one of the most prosperous due to the fact it has vast resources. It has stolen these resources from the First Nations people. Carol seems to cover the fact that over hundreds of years the European "settlers" or should we call them "illegal immigrants" stole from these people.
    I suggest people once again look at Native People websites to hear their stories and you will find the truth there.
    As for Carol make sure you get yourself neutered and your wife spayed so you don't procreate and pollute the world.

  12. Emotional illness, as Anonymous shows us, is a curse, and the nightmares of the disturbed mind are the dark and painful prison of self-hatred. Creepy.

    Let's hope he doesn't drive the same streets we do.

  13. Well Alfred di Generate ... how about educating yourself before you make comments.
    But it appears you and Carol share the same illness.
    Why don't you take a trip to Canada and meet some First Nations people?
    Get the truth first hand...
    Go visit an Native Canadian reservation and see first hand the racist policies of Canada. I've been to the reservations a number of times to help out but your racist buddy have not. So as far as I am concerned you should shut the *uck up!

  14. I'm sure that only a small number of Slav Macedonians are as crazy as Anonymous, and most of them are in the government in Skopje.


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