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The truth about "United Macedonian Diaspora"

This is a Q & A for those having difficulties comprehending what was posted in my previous messages.

Online version:

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The truth about "United Macedonian Diaspora" - Q & A

Q: What happened?

A: is a web forum frequented by "United Macedonian Diaspora" (UMD) members. A discussion explaining UMD's philosophy and goals, suddenly vanished.

Q: Why?
A: If you read the text, you'll understand why. This discussion could not continue publicly and was probably moved to a private forum.

Q: Where can I read the text?
A: The URL for the discussion is but, as said before, this topic was deleted or moved.

Q: So, how do we know what was written?
A: Several people saved copies of the discussion.

Q: Nice try, but one could easily forge these documents. Where's the proof?
A: Let's use an independent third party then. Google caches data across the internet and presents small chunks of text below the search results. Using the appropriate search phrases, a larger text can be reconstructed from these bits.

Q: Is that cheating?
A: Of course not. See for advanced search techniques.

Q: OK, I believe you now. Still, I don't know what to do.
A: Just follow these links then.

Q: This is time consuming. What's the text?
A: Here it is.

"There is only one Macedonian and that is the ethnic Macedonian.
There are citizens of Macedonia who can be Albanian, Turkish, Vlach, Roma, etc.
There can be citizens of Greece who live in the occupied part of Macedonia who may be Greeks, Vlachs, Pontians, Albanians, etc.
There can be citizens of Bulgaria who live in the occupied part of Macedonia who may be Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma, etc.
There can be citizens of Albania who live in the occupied part of Macedonia who may be Albanian, Turkish, etc.
There can be citizens of Serbia who live in the occupied part of Macedonia who may be Serbian, Albanian, etc.
But NONE of them are Macedonians. They just live in Macedonia.
The only Macedonians are the ethnic Macedonians, who may live in Macedonia (all of) or anywhere in the world.
The term Macedonian is an ethnic term, not a geographical term.
I don't think I can be much clearer than that.
Read this:
I assure you, that's what everyone involved at UMD's leadership level believes in and supports. That's what UMD is all about."

Q: Granted, it doesn't look good. When did that happen?
A: March 2009. See Google's preview text at for more..

Q: How is UMD connected?
A: Participants in the discussion are UMD members. For an example, see (same author as above).

Q: Well, that could be a misunderstanding, right?
A: Wrong. By now we've established bigotry and irredentism, using publicly available, independent third party means.

Q: What about
A: This site (now defunct) was mentioned in the discussion. The registrant was UMD.

Q: How do you know that?
A: Just whois the domain.

Q: What is whois?
A: Whois is a procedure used for querying the domains' databases, in order to determine information about them - such as registrant data.

Q: How do I do that?
A: Use any free service available.

Q: I'm not that technical.
A: Use NetworkSolutions and DomainTools. These are the results from and regarding registrant data.

United Macedonian Diaspora
Private Avenue
Melbourne, NA 3000

Q: What was the content of that site?
A: You'll find the complete text at and a small excerpt below.

"The Macedonian Cause

...national unification of all Macedonians living in all parts of Macedonia; the Republic of Macedonia, Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia, Mala Prespa & Golo Brdo and Gora..."

Q: Can you explain the part about "...Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia, Mala Prespa & Golo Brdo and Gora..."?
A: "Aegean Macedonia" is the greek and "Pirin Macedonia" the bulgarian part of the modern wider region of Macedonia (51% greek, 11% bulgarian). This terminology is frequently used by irredentists. "Mala Prespa & Golo Brdo" and "Gora" are regions of Albania and Kosovo respectively.

Q: Aren't these parts inhabited by different ethnic groups?
A: Today, 75% of the 5 million people living in the region of Macedonia do not identify as "ethnic Macedonians" but as Greeks (half of them), Albanians, Bulgarians, Roma, Turks and Serbs.

Q: What about the "national unification" then? It doesn't make any sense.
A: Irredentism isn't rational.

Q: Where can I find more information to download, print out and share with my friends?
A: There is a document (now updated) containing links, texts, screenshots and photos. Try the links below.




Milos Petrovic



  1. Nice work Milos.
    These Fyromanians are living in an absolute fantasy land.
    The number one donor in the USA for the FYROMians is the founder of Little Caesar's Pizza a billionaire and he is committed 100% to the cause.
    Can't seem to find any Greek billionaires helping out putting the truth about Macedonia and that is/was/will always be Greek. Maybe they are working behind the scenes.
    Just a comment on the backers of the propaganda.

  2. Macedonia was, is and allways will be Greek. The Slavs will not win over this matter. They have no leg to stand on and history is with Greece.
    As a Greek from Greek Macedonia (the only Macedinia)can not let this stand. The Fyromanians are living in fantasy land.


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