Thursday, September 10, 2009

Polish newspaper promotes FYROM extreme nationalism , known as Slavmacedonism!!!!!!

On a Gazetta Pozan article we read with big letters "Macedonia, powerful as the King Alexander". This article speaks for the FYROM basketball team and hosts comments from Slavmacedonians that speak for theirs "ancient" great past. Is obvious that promotes the Slav-Macedonism, a political idea that prevailing in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) which utilises historical revisionism to establish links between an ethnic group that formed in the 20th century - ethnic 'Macedonians' - and historical events and figures of the 19th century and Middle Ages. For example, Bulgarian Tsar Samuil, despite the overwhelming evidence, is portrayed as a "Macedonian" king. Further attempts are made to deny the Hellenic nature of the ancient kingdom of Macedon and to seek connections between present day ethnic Macedonians and the Ancient Macedonians.

Polish newspaper with such as articles and headlines promotes the extreme nationalism of this Slav new-born nation, a nation that born under communist era, a era that seems the editors forget it. Unfortunately the editor and the writer , history bears witness to the fact that in the early 1940s the Bulgarian inhabitants of Vardar Macedonia were transformed into "Macedonians" for political reasons by communist dictators (Tito, Stalin, and Dimitrov) and infamous communist organizations (Comintern and the Balkan Communist Federation ).

The editor and the writer are so many biased and erroneous statements in this article that one fails to comprehend how a journalist who writes for an esteemed newspaper could write something like this. This come to conclusion that either you have been duped by FYROM's propaganda, or you have deliberately written a propaganda piece. A little more professionalism on your part would have avoided this unfortunate circumstance. History and human morality demand this of journalists.


  1. Ya ya ya The macedonians paid all the POlish journlalists as well as 126 in the world that recognised Macedonia under its constitutional name

  2. Since when Slavmacedonians has any kind of connection with a civilization that lived and flourished 2500 years ago ?

    Only a journalist with the reasons that I post.

  3. It's no secret that there are panslav extremists that support the Fyromian agenda.

    This has got to do with their Racist NAZI revisionist delusions that they are pure 'white' (Hahahahahahaha), and descendants of the Glorious Greek Macedonians, (AAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahaha!).

    It appears they are ashamed of their REAL Slavic origins and History!

    The DELUSIONAL theories they propagate are as ridiculous as the Fyromian ones and would only produce laughter, if they were not so dangerous for European civilization.

  4. Seir :-) The polish newspaper makes the Greek Hysteric as ussual

  5. Look Anonymous 11:33
    ....if the Polish newsapaper beleive that the FYROM Slavmacedonians are the descents of the Great Alexander is inalienable right to do.

    But is also and the inalienable right of criticize of theirs writings.I am a Macedonian, however I am in no way identified with or related to the newly formed independent state referred to as “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. I am instead insulted by the fact that I cannot be known as a Macedonian without being identified by others as related to FYROM. My identity has been usurped.

    Historical Revisionism and Extreme Nationalism has made too much damage in Europe. The specific article promote both of them.

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  8. @Akritas Nobody bans u to be Macedonian but somebody bans them. that is not OK.

  9. Macedonia rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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