Thursday, August 20, 2009

BBC again presenting falsifications, distortions of historical facts as regards Krushevo history

In an video that presented from Slavmacedonians BBC presenting falsifications, distortions of historical facts as regards Krushevo history

Here are my remarks:

None from the BBC mentioned that this uprising was staged by the Bulgarians and the Bulgarians were inviting all the nationalities in the area, even the peasant Turkish population, to revolt against the Sultan.

None from the BBC pointed out that the Manifesto of Krushevo was written in Bulgarian.

None from the BBC revealed that during the revolt, with Krushevo as its epicenter, the Turks who had been bribed by the Bulgarians exterminated the Greek population and the Hellenized Vlachs of Krushevo.

None from the BBC mentioned that 366 Greek homes and 203 Greek shops were destroyed by the vengeance of the Turks and Bulgarians. The Slavs, today's self-proclaimed "Macedonians" were coerced to finance the "revolution", but as soon as they found the chance, they escaped to the mountains. The scholars totally glorified individuals such as Damien Grueff and their horrid actions during that period. Dr. Duncan Perry in his book The Politics of Terror: The MacEdonian Liberation Movement, 1893-1904, identified this uprising as an act of terror. It is not known under which circumstances he changed his opinion and why during the deliverance of his theme he concluded that the Ilinten revolution "awakened the "Macedonian" national consciousness".

Below is a article from the TIMES that show a small description as regards the reality.

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  1. "Manifesto of Kruševo"-a "humanist" document calling all oppressed ethnic groups to rise against the Sultan (even calling the Muslims!) is a forgery, modeled on an excerpt from Bulgarian national-romantic novel published couple of decades from the event. No such Manifesto was contemporary to the VMRO-led uprising in 1903. Although the document's authenticity has been discredited from early 1990's by several FYROMian historians with strong arguments and this fact has been publicized widely, it was read as late as 2001 signing of Ohrid Agreement. References to the document as an authentic proclamation of the organizers of the uprising can be found in all modern history textbooks for the local state education.


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