Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jacques Barrot, European Politician Uses the Term "Northern Macedonia" for FYROM [04-6-2009]

Vice-President of the European Commission Jacques Barrot called FYROM yesterday "Northern Macedonia".
After briefing the 27 EU foreign ministers at a regular session in Luxembourg on the progress of the countries from the Western Balkan's region in meeting of the conditions relating visa liberalization, Barrot singled out FYROM, Serbia and Montenegro as the countries which can expect lifting of the visa regime, Alsat-M TV Station said.

Barrot said....
"What I can say is that today we are under impression that FYROM, i.e. Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro made a really great effort. It's still uncertain, but there is a possibility for us to suggest that these three countries achieve the liberalization by the end of this year, however this is simply a suggestion and I can not be absolutely sure in this stage. But, if the member-countries do agree on this, it can happen"

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