Saturday, June 20, 2009

Former FYROM PM Ljubčo Georgievski Blasts Pseudomacedonism and Denounces Historical Revisionism at a TV Debate

by Vasko


  1. Where's the part that he says that we should call ourselves MACEDONIA? You cut it out?

  2. kirev after 10 minutes video the only that you say is the part of the "Macedonia" ?

    Anyway these two video's (are not mine) focus in pseudomacedonism and historical revisionism that flourish in FYROM and destroy the slavmacedonian people.

  3. kirev,

    as akritas points out, after this entire video, the only thing that you wish to discuss is your obsession with the monopolisation of the name Macedonia, and all that it represents.

    It seems like your really missing the point, really, truly!


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