Friday, March 27, 2009

Krste Misirkov : Slav Macedonians identified as "Slavs" and "Macedonians with geographical definition"

Krste Misirkov in his book "On Macedonian matters" (Chapter:Can Macedonia turn itself into a separate ethnographical and political unit? Has it already done so? Is it doing so now?) was clear as about the ethnical identification of the Slav Macedonians and theirs language:

If the formation of the South Slav peoples was a mechanical and political process it would not be impossible that it might recur in present times. Within the South Slav language complex there are several branches outside the Serbian and Bulgarian political units; these are the Macedonian dialects. These branches, since they are closely allied, naturally have some connection linking them more closely with Bulgarian in the east and Serbian in the north.

These branches have been given various names at various times but it was not until the last quarter of the nineteenth century that these names overlapped so much as to displace one another. These various names did not properly catch on, and gradually they began to give way until finally they were replaced by the natural description Slav" with a "Macedonian" reflection from the geographical area in which they were distributed.

The people who spoke these dialects had once been called "Slavs" and later either "Serbs" or "Bulgarians" until the rivalry between these two names made them both alien to the Macedonian Slavs, who started calling themselves after the old geographical name of their country.

The name Macedonian was first used by the Macedonian Slavs as a geographical term to indicate their origin. This name is well known to the Macedonian Slavs and all of them use it to describe themselves. Since the formation of nationalities is a political and mechanical process, all the necessary conditions exist for Macedonia to break off as an independent ethnographic region.

There is not any question as regards theirs identifications.


  1. Very nice Kole Diamanti. I applaud you for reading a book. Now tell us a little about the Albanian heroes of your countrys most recent past? You know, Marko Bocari,Boubalina,Dzavella,Kolokotroni,Miaulis,Andrutsos,Pharmaki,etc.

  2. then I suggest you to go and read theirs memories. You will be supprised for theirs "Albanian" feelings!!!

    btw why avoid to comment what Misirkov said ?
    That you are Slavs and Macedonians with geographical definition!!!

  3. why put labels on people what does it prove.A slav macedonian is simply a macedonian.The slavic people got assimilated & they adopted the macedonian language its as simple as that!
    thank you all George S.

  4. ur exactly right buddy. the macedonians of today are macedonians... too bad the people of fyrom are not macedonian... they are brainwashed bulgarians...

    theres only one macedonia and its greek dickhead. why put labels?? to seperate u dirty slavs from the people of the real macedonia... there are macedonians and there are slav macedonians.... u are a slav macedonian.. the only link you have is with geographical macedonia.. you have no cultural, linguistic, relgious or genetic links to the ancient kingdom of macedon or its inhabitants.


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