Monday, March 02, 2009

Attack of FYROM Slavs in Greek tourists at the Ohrid, one wounded

Another alarming event of the anti-Greek Hysteria and Fanaticism prevailing currently in FYROM took place.

A group of Greek tourists who were at that time in the centre of the city of Ohrid, were attacked by a group numbering about 20 persons, mainly of young ages.

According to E-Tipos, this group of Nationalists initially wrote with red paint Anti-Greek mottos on the Greek Bus which was at the time empty. The local media reported the mottos were “Macedonia”, “United Macedonia” and “Alexander the Great”.

When the Greek tourists showed up, the nationalists threw at them stones causing damages on the bus and injuring a Greek tourist. The Greek ministry of Foreign affairs condemned this “incident of organised attack” as the representantive of MFA, Mr George Koumoutsakos said.

Mr Koumoutsakos added “Activities like that, unfortunately dissolve the contact between the two nations, make visible the problem of Nationalism and Intolerance against Greece which are consciously cultivated the recent period in Skopje.”Mr Koumoutsakos lastly called upon the officials of the neighbouring country to “protect the Greek visitors but also to arrest and punish those responsible for these horrific activities”.

translation by Ptolemy in AMAC forum


  1. Governments are using this from both sides:
    Some people in FYROM want to think that they are Macedonia: Macedonia was a region. It had a culture and language: Greek. Alexander father was Greek, he spoke and tought other to speak greek and his techer was greek Aristotle. Until this is recognized by all, it will a problem.

  2. How someone who spoke and wrote the Hellenic Language,warshipped the Hellenic 12 Gods of Olympus,called Hellins as brothers could be something else except Hellin (Greek is the Latinic translation of Hellin).
    Why the people are so close minded?
    There are many examples and proofs that Aleksandros The Great were Hellin.
    Like Spartans,Athenians,Korinthians,Thibeans etc Makedonians were a Hellenic race.

  3. well either they know but dont care , they think they can steal our history , maybe they think the Greek Gods were something other than Greek also ? I should say Hellenic Gods , maybe we stole their Olympic games ... and the parthenon ? Haha Please these people need to get a life and stop trying to steal someone elses

    STRAVON 66 PX 12 MX

  5. I'm glad Mr. George Koumoutsakos is raising the point of "Nationalism and Intolerance against Greece". This is being stirred by top level politicians to unite the country against an 'enemy'.

    I'd suggest they point their frustrations to the Albanians who have a strong minority in FYROM and are busy carving their own Kosovo in FYROM.


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