Sunday, December 07, 2008

Information Campaign To Stop “UMD and her promoting false historical revisionism" , Now On Friday January 2nd

As you may know, the “United Macedonian Diaspora UMD” is a lobby for the irredentist and fascistic Skopje government, and it has mislead CardPartner Inc and CardPartner Visa affinity credit card program into misusing the Star of Vergina that belongs to Greece and is protected by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) .

We urge you all to mobilize your constituents to attend a national information campaign on January 02, 2009 at 12:00 noon to be held outside the offices of CardPartner, Inc., 37 West 20th St., New York, NY (Between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave)

It is imperative that we send a clear and powerful message to CardPartner Inc. and to all Americans,that we oppose the anti-Hellenic lobby “United Macedonian Diaspora UMD” and its cultural genocide program, its support for false historical revisioniosm, its support of the Skopje government’s threats to destroy the Hellenic people. and its attempts to cover up the Skopje government’s blatant abuse of human rights.

Below are the WIPO links that trademark the Vergina Sun as Greek Emblem

16 Star
12 Star

8 Star

The 16-pointed star "Sun of Vergina" as also named re-discovered in excavations as the symbol of the royal Macedonian dynasty of ancient Greece, and which is now being claimed as their own by the FYROM Slavmacedonians, was widely used in Attica during the classical period, long before its adoption by the Macedonian royal house.

The star, identical with the one decorating the larnax discovered in the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great, at Vergina in Northern Greece, has been found as one of the elements of decoration on at least four temples of the classical era, including two on the Acropolis of Athens.

The 16-ray star as it was designed on the golden larnaka that contained Philippos' remains. That appearance of the 16-ray star is possibly the only appearance on ancient findings.


  1. Έστειλα στο την ακόλουθη επιστολή:
    Mr. William M. Sheedy,
    We regret to inform you that there is no country with the name "Macedonia" as you mention in the list of the countries in your site.The exact UN acknowledged name is Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). We are deeply disappointed with this misinformation and we expect you to correct this terrible mistake, which is a history forgery, the soonest.
    Furthermore,I have been informed from that your company in agreement with a FYROM lobby organization has prepared a card with the logo of “Star of Vergina” violating the Article 6ter of the Paris Convention concerning Protection of State Emblems, and Names, Abbreviations and Emblems of International Intergovernmental Organizations.Taking into consideration that this emblem belongs to Greece,I demand a written explication regarding this legal matter.


  2. Έλαβα από το την ακόλουθη απάντηση στην επιστολή που τους έστειλα:
    Thank you for contacting Visa. We appreciate hearing your views on this matter and we will take your concerns under advisement.

    Visa Webmaster

  3. It looks like they changed it (although Alexander is still there)...

    But keep going to sent letters



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