Monday, December 01, 2008

Greek Thracians from Πέχτσεβο-(Pehčevo, Пехчево) ,FYROM

In 1923 after the Asia Minor catastrophe their ancestors have started to Kalipolis from Eastern Thrace, for refugees to come to Greece. Arrived in Thessaloniki, but eventually went north to then Serbia, to work in the mines of the mountain range Malesevski. Settled in the village Pechtsevo, currently the headquarters of the homonymous municipality, on the eastern part of FYROM.

The Pechtsevo now has 5517 residents (2002 census) with the overwhelming majority of the population, have Greek origin, to Kalipolis from eastern Thrace. It would not be exaggerating, that will be considered for a clean Greek village in the heart of FYROM.

The residents have full knowledge of Greek origin and have even been set up and cultural club, named «Association of Greeks - Kalipolis - Pechtsevo».

More and more people now speak Greek, since the club operates and Adult Section, to learn the Greek language. Greek teacher from Skopje visited twice a week the small town and teaches Greek at large and small, and not of Greek origin only.

In the census of 2002, few residents were naturalized as to "Greeks". The manipulation resulted be registered as "Macedonians" and most others as Turks.(Specifically: "Macedonians" 4737. Roma 390. Turks 357 and others 33).

The city is isolated and the residents involved mainly in farming and livestock.


  1. Wow, what a load of crap.

  2. This is redicoulous, hah, hah,hah
    Greek minority close to Bulgarian border? Guys you have gone far away:-) Pehchevo is quasi Macedonian read pure Bulgarian.

    Bulgarian from Macedonia


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