Sunday, October 19, 2008

US-FYROM Secret Co-Operation

"Ethnos tis Kyriakis" newspaper revealed a classified document of state Department that proves a secret co operation between US and Skopje on the name issue. Athens reacts strongly.

According to the article the proposal submitted by the UN special negotiator Mathew Nimetz had been suggested by the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was recorded in the letter sent by the US ambassador in Skopje last June. The letter was received by State Department, the Security Council and the US General Headquarters. The US diplomat provocatively notes that the issue of the language and nationality will be handled without the participation of Greece using internal UN documents

Athens reacted strongly. The representative of foreign affairs’ ministry Mr. Giorgos Koumoutsakos, in his statements said that Greece has a clear stance. First of all, the negotiations will take place only within the framework of the UN and secondly the Greek position proposes a compound name geographically oriented.



  1. I'm simply amazed at how easily greece the bully gets whatever it wants at the same time committing atrocities on the Macedonian people.When are people going to wake up to the truth that there are no greek macedonians.Prior to 1913 of which it took macedonian lands by force greece never held those lands.How can someone lay claim to something that doesnt belong to them defies logic.Also what did the greeks do they changed all traces of any macedonian place names.They made them stop speaking in macedonian etc atrocities on atrocities.Peoples eyes were pulled out with forks while they were still alive. Ever since greece has been claiming a big lie that macedonians don't exist & that they are the real macedonians.There is a saying you can fool some of the people & not all of the people.A good many people now know what greece has been upto.

  2. George your historical revisionism is amazing. Another FYROM contention, and one on which they lay particular stress, is that “the Macedonian nation was divided into three parts, etc.”.

    You mention the words "Macedonian people" when is known that a Macedonian according to several sources[][] is a native or inhabitant of the (Ancient or Modern) Macedonian region.

    You said that were not any Greek Macedonians when even yourscholar Todor Simovski in his book "Summary of the Inhabited Places in Aegean Macedonia" mention that were 250.000 Greeks!!!!

    An early Turkish statistic (Hilmi Pasha, 1904) had counted for the Vilayets of Thessaloniki and Monastir (now mostly in Greek Macedonia) 634,510 Greeks and 385,729 Bulgarians.

    All the official sources prior 1913, never mention "macedonian nation or people. Why didn't the Carnegie Commission report make any remark or in any way mention the so-called "Macedonian" nation, ethnicity or language?
    Why does this same report describe the Slavic population of Macedonia as Bulgarians, rather than "ethnic Macedonians"?

    Duncan Perry underpins that "the Macedonian national identity was first recognized by the Comintern in 1934 and then was promoted by Tito in 1942 at a congress held in Bihac, Bosnia"[The Republic of Macedonia: finding its way]

    You speak for atrocities. Show me one source that support your allegations ? JUST ONE.

    The Slav-Macedonians' persistence in monopolizing the Macedonian identity is a luxury they cannot afford strategically. They are likely to continue with their nationalist fantasies, but you will have to come down to earth.With the irredentist aspirations which FYROM promotes, he is developing into the “trouble maker of the Balkans”, and this will have consequences for her people.


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