Thursday, October 16, 2008

Statement of Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. G. Koumoutsakos regarding unfounded allegations about FYROM journalists having been held in Greece

Athens , 15 October 2008
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In answer to a journalist’s question regarding Skopje’s false allegations about Skopje journalists having been held in Greece, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. George Koumoutsakos made the following statement:

“This is an outrageous distortion of what really happened. It is a mere distortion of the truth. In every well-governed state, persons entering military zones or facilities without permission and also making video recordings and/or taking photographs of such areas and facilities are always checked by the competent authorities.

This was the case when a TV crew from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia that was taking photographs and making video recordings – without permission – of a military exercise area on Greek territory was briefly checked.

Following these checks, which lasted a few minutes, the crew was then free to remain – should they wish – in Greece.

This is the reality. This is the truth. All the rest is cheap propaganda.”

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