Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Once More Assures Greeks for his Support on the FYROM Name Issue

A dynamic presentation by the Pan-Macedonian Association Supreme President Mrs. Nina Gatzoulis during presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign gathering in New Hampshire.
The Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association, Mrs. Nina Gatzoulis, thanked Senator Obama for cosponsoring Senate Resolution SR 300, during the presidential candidate’s visit to Dover, New Hampshire on Friday 12, 2008. The US Senator, in response to Mrs. Gatzoulis’ statements mentioned:

You know my views and that I am supportive of your issue…

He then asked her to give him the content of her speech. Mrs. Gatzoulis thanked him for his support and also gave him Dr. Papavizas’ book Claiming Macedonia and a coin, depicting Alexander the Great on one side and the Vergina sun with the Pan-Macedonian designation on the other.

Mrs. Gatzoulis’ speech:

Senator Obama, welcome to New Hampshire and to my hometown of Dover.

I am Nina Gatzoulis and I am the Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S.A. I came to this wonderful country many years ago from Macedonia, the Northern province of Greece that is my birthplace as well as the birthplace and real home of Alexander the Great. On behalf of all the members of our Association, a great number of which reside in this beautiful state of New Hampshire, I wish to present to you with these small gifts as a token of our appreciation for your co-sponsorship of Senate Resolution SR-300 which calls on the FYROM, a country north of Greece that wishes to be called Macedonia, to stop its propaganda against Greece and to diligently negotiate a mutually acceptable name that would provide long and lasting peace in the Balkans.

Through the cosponsoring of this resolution, it is our hope that the United States will be sending the FYROM the clear message that their attempt to rewrite history and steal the cultural heritage of an honorable people is not acceptable behavior. The Bush administration by recognizing this state as “Macedonia, “ while the name issue was being negotiated under UN has encouraged FYROM to adopt the most obstinate intransigent stance regarding the negotiations. They refuse to discuss any other name than Republic of “Macedonia”, even though according to the Interim Accord in 1995, they agreed that a new name must be found for their country. The Bush administration by recognizing this state as “Macedonia,” has become instrumental into the most horrific revision of history throughout the ages.

Thank you,

Nina Gatzoulis, Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association USA

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