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Grujovisms:FYROM a stage before the… Balkan totalitarianism

Article by Christos Tellidis, Ethnos Newspaper, 3 Aug 2008 the term that is heard in FYROM by certain journalists, intellectuals but also politicians, in order to describe the antidemocratic deviation that experiences their country from FYROM PM Nikolas Gruevski and the company of "unknown" in the political scene, that has taken the power in the country the two last years.

The antidemocratic practices of FYROM Prime Minister, particularly afterwards the absolute majority that ensured in the FYROM Parliament, with prosecutions and arrests of political opponents, the effort to be debited the “traitor stigma” those who have different opinion and express it in public, the nationalistic hysteria but also the piracy that becomes round of the call national issues, they cause concern, who day with the day grows.

Are not absent somebodies that are afraid that Gruevski can be changed even in dictator and relative signs were heard finally in the demonstration of SDSM [Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia] for the arrest of vice-president of Zoran Zaev.

However something like that cannot become in a country that is candidate for integration in the European Union, as it wrote these days in the big circulation newspaper " Utrinski Vesnik" , Gjorgji Spasov professor of political sciences, former ambassador of FYROM in the Great Britain, which was minister of Justice in two services, in the decade the 90 “Today Gruevski is under continuous follow-up from those in the Brussels, which himself faces them as enemies of the country", as marked.

Gjorgji Spasov hobby is to gather political jokes, but unfortunately only as such as cannot be considered today the FYROM Prime Minister.

On the contrary, Spasov attributes the characterization of serial killer policy in FYROM "If certain politically powerful, as the Gruevski, wishes to disappears you and works for this, using all the available means, in a country where the bodies of system and state of justice are not particularly powerful and capable to offer protection, then it can him achieve ", it marks and it invokes the nightmarish threat that it has it addresses states in the political opponents of SDSM saying that their "party should touch the bottom so that it becomes a constructive patriotic Opposition ".

Gruevski after cultivated the expectations for integration of country in the NATO, affixing at the same time the intolerance opposite in Greece, hurried to exploits with the extreme way the climate that was created in the Slavmacedonian people afterwards the negative development in Bucharest.

As remarked Spasov following Greece's veto in Bucharest, Gruevski was ….easy reinforce the nation's indignation with Europe, Greece, and even the United States. It was easy to say to your own people, "we are the good ones, but the others do not understand what is good." It was easy to raise nationalist euphoria in the form of a defensive nationalism, presenting and treating as traitors all those who do not share your opinion. It was easy to create a patriotic front similar to the Socialist people's front, which used to defend us from the enemies of Communism. As some journalists would say, this is patriotic hysteria and piracy.

With a series of "patriotic" laws, that forecast big fines of thousands of Euros and sentences of imprisonment, Gruesvski attempts to sets up a past third world regime that does not have no relation with the countries of current EU

Thus the professionals were compelled to acquire all the said "patriotic" cash registers so that they cut the proofs for the sales that concern exclusively the local products of FYROM.! All the plates-sign n the shops or in the public should be exclusive in the said "Cyrillic Macedonian writing", while outlaws those that write the language with Latin letters.And those who trait the national currency “denar” and will use in the transactions the Euro or other currencies, they will be faced roughly as… traitors, after forecasted sentences of imprisonment up to five years.

In the top FYROM President Branko Crvenkovski is offended and is blackmailed with control of all his assets and his banking deposits in all the neighbouring countries and is faced as a political opponent that should must undermined.The approximately hundred laws that passed from the Parliament, without discussion, the most at the time of the abstention of Opposition, grow the concerns that adopt and the factors of EU and OCSE.

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  1. It's easy to make comment like this when you live out of the country. Here where even internet communication on blogs is controlled it become dangerous to make any comment. The only solution that we see is when they will destroy every democratic instance, they will start to destroy them self.

  2. You are wrong if you think that I or general the Greek people ignore the political situation at the present in FYROM. We need neighbors that have strong democratic rules. We know for the terrorism, the electoral adulteration e.t.c. that flourishes in FYROM in the last 2 years.

    The poltical strategic goal of Greece in the Balkans is to create the preconditions for stability, functioning democratic processes and institutions, cooperation, development and prosperity, as well as fulfilment of the political criteria, which will allow all the Balkan countries without exception to become members of the EU.

    But also Slavmacedonians must fight to achieve to establish the Democracy in theirs State. The ideology of the Slavmecedonism is a BAD and the WORST ally.

  3. It is not in last two years. Government terror has started little bit earlier, but in last two year it is more dangerous for open minded people to express their opinion. There is pressure of every kind of everybody who is not playing buy their rules. Even the professors of university are afraid to express freely their opinion, except Najcevsk and Vankovska.

    Ordinary people trying to express them self true blogs, but then if their comment is against Gruevski immediately they are marked like non-Macedonians, like they betray their country. On lot of blogs those comments are erased. They are checking IP addresses if you are connected to certain provider.

    So slowly we are entering a phase of total control of the country. I hope that with a help of EU, free people will start to express them self so ordinary people can open their ayes and see where we are going. Other way they will continue to live a story of Alexander and a good position of our country. You can't blame complete nation, even those voting for Gruevski. Most of the people has fallen on his stories about our position, some of them received some financial support before elections, but since education of those people is very low, they could not see that in our overall position we are going down. Story about we are good but bad Greece is stooping us in our way toward EU, they buy it very easy.

    Sorry about my bad English but I think that you understand basically my opinion, about situation here. I agree with most of the comments on your site. But ...

  4. Stavros Lygeros (known Greek journalist) had made a prediction as about the situation in your state.

    [As long as Gruevski plays at being a crusader for nationalist fantasies, he will sink in the political morass. And as he sinks, he will act spasmodically and rather ridiculously. If he keeps this up, no one will take him seriously internationally. The Greek side should show patience. Only if he gets serious can he negotiate a solution, one that will reflect the reality of the region and not harm the interests of either side. UNTIL THEN, THE PRICE THAT THE SLAV-MACEDONIANS WILL PAY WILL BE MUCH GREATER THAN THEY THINK IT IS TODAY.]

    Don’t wait help from EU or NATO or anyone. EU has hers own problems and she doesn’t want to involve in other one and MINOR as about her intrestings. NATO troops in Afghanistan suffering from Taliban.

    Only your people can change the present situation.

  5. I read it on Topix. And that is correct, but as I said, I only anonymous blogger and until our intelligence will come out of their fears, whole nation will suffer. I congratulate to Vankovska and Najcevska on their courage but up to present day they are still alone, with a support of some anonymous bloggers.
    Hope that in near future thing will change in favor of rising a voice against totalitarianism of Gruevski. Until than I can only post comment on local blogs and read comments like yours.


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