Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why doesn't the Greek government recognize the "Macedonian" minority?

In Greece Slavmacedonians have theirs political party. In a modern European democracy with absolutely free elections, like Greece, political views are judged according to the response they receive from citizens. In this particular instance judgement has been passed.
Rainbow failed.
They speak for 6.600 votes.Consider two thinks when we read this number
  • Rainbow coloborated in the past with the extreme communist party OAKKE
  • Rainbow votes in Macedonia were only 3000 (with OAKKE) .

Greeks have been sending their children to Macedonian schools for years, expecting them to learn Greek, not Bulgarian. Macedonian people (Greeks) are already a majority in Greece, with Macedonian churches, schools and cultural centers teaching Greek and regional dances and songs.Greek government can neither recognize a minority with the same name, as the majority, nor build non-Greek schools and churches with the same name. Greek courts have offered to open cultural centers for their minority, under a different name (than Macedonian). They have refused for obvious reasons since rhey think that they are the only Macedonians in the planet Earth.

As long as they use the term "Macedonian" to describe their nationality, their minority in Greece cannot be recognized since the same name is used by the Greeks of Macedonia to describe themsleves for much longer that the written history of any slavic tribe.

I am a Macedonian, however I am in no way identified with or related to the newly formed independent state referred to as “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” ; I am instead insulted by the fact that I cannot be known as a Macedonian without being identified by others as related to FYROM.

My identity has been usurped. “Where is the justice ?”, to paraphrase their own words

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