Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To FYROM Slavmacedonian citizens....your politicians say lies !!!

Today in the media news we read that Slavmacedonian President of the FYROM State Crvenkovski in a letter that sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon accused Greece that violated the Interim Accord by the recent blatant breach of Article 11 when it vetoed “Macedonia's” membership in NATO at the Bucharest Summit.

Slavmacedonian President of the FYROM Crvenkovski claim also that Article 11 of the Interim Accord, pursuant to which Greece shell not block “Macedonia's” admittance in international organizations if the country is named under the temporary reference.

Evidence 1
Let’ see what article 11 mentions……

Article 11
1. Upon entry into force of this Interim Accord, The Party of the First Part (Greece) agrees not to object to the application by or the membership of the Party of the Second Part (FYROM) in international, multilateral and regional organizations and institutions of which the Party of the First Part is a member; however, the Party of the First Part reserves the right to object to any membership referred to above if and to the extent of the Party of the Second Part is to be referred to in such organization or institution differently than in paragraph 2 of the United Nations Security Council resolution 817 (1993).

2. The Parties agree that the ongoing economic development of the Party of the Second Part should be supported through international cooperation, as far as possible by a close relationship of the Party of the Second Part with the European Economic Area and the European Union.


My question is......
Did FYROM applicated as "Macedonia" or as FYROM ?
because according your Slavmacedonian President Greece block “Macedonia's” admittance and according the Interim Accord , Greece has the right to do.

Evidence 2
Let’ see what Bucharest NATO Summit Declaration mentions……

We recognise the hard work and the commitment demonstrated by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to NATO values and Alliance operations. We commend them for their efforts to build a multi-ethnic society. Within the framework of the UN, many actors have worked hard to resolve the name issue, but the Alliance has noted with regret that these talks have not produced a successful outcome. Therefore we agreed that an invitation to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be extended as soon as a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue has been reached. We encourage the negotiations to be resumed without delay and expect them to be concluded as soon as possible.


My question is........
Did NATO Summit Declaration mention that Greece vetoed “former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's” admittance in order to accused her that violated the Interim Accord ?
because nowhere mention that Greece done this action.

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