Saturday, April 12, 2008

Absolut Truth exposing US Hypocrisy

Greece has been often ridiculed for its insistence that its Slavic neighbors abandon the name 'Macedonia'.

"What is the big deal?" many have asked.
Yet, when an Absolut Vodka ad appeared depicting an early 19th century map showing chunks of the United States as Mexican, most Americans got so upset to the point to boycott the popular drink. If Absolut Vodka has brought such an insult to the USA for a less than 2 centuries old issue, imagine the audacity of FYROM for plagiarizing Greek history and national identity that has stood for over 2000 years.

The Vodka ad was nothing more than a marketing ploy. FYROM, by adapting the name Macedonia, not only have they taken a name that does not reflect their origins, history, or identity but have used the name as a basis to claim parts of Greece as theirs.

The Macedonia issue is not a marketing ploy for Greece to sell products. It is part of its history and identity for over 2000 years and it will not be sold to anyone to accommodate their special interests and malign intentions.

Maybe now the State Department and Ms. Rice can understand why Greece is so adamant about the issue of the name of Macedonia.


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