Monday, March 17, 2008

Compound name for international, constitutional name for internal use

According Greek media news thw name
Upper, New or Republic of Macedonia-Skopje for international use, and the constitutional name for internal use -
is the proposal put forward at today's round of negotiations between Macedonia and Greece, which was held under mediation of Matthew Nimetz.

According to the reports sent Monday afternoon from Vienna, where the meeting took place, Nimetz's latest verbal proposal suggests for the new name to be sought among these three options, while the nationality and the language to be called Macedonian.

This implies calling the national belonging of the country's citizens as Macedonian, same as the language they speak - Macedonian, the media reported.

According to the same sources, Nimetz's proposal was presented as "take it or leave it" and is the last one before the NATO Summit in Bucharest slated for this April.

The mediator announced a new meeting for the next week, once his verbal proposal is reviewed by each state, calling "the domestic authorities for cautiousness."


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