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Slavmacedonian Embassador Nikola Dimitrov

In the talks between Greece and FYROM to settle their dispute over the use of the name 'Macedonia' by FYROM we have hear the name of Nikola Dimitrov, the Slavmacedonian negotiator.

In this picture you can see the 37 year old Slavmacedonian politician with the Greek Embassador Vasilakis in Ochrid.

Two years ago the present Slavmacedonian politician Nikola Dimitrov was in stationed in USA as Ambassador of the FYROM. On March 9th, 2006 organized by the FYROM Embassy in the U.S. House of Representatives with the help and support of the Office of Congressman Mark Souder.

Slavmacedonian Dimitrov as FYROM Ammbassador briefed various Congressional staffers, members of the media, and Greek and Macedonian émigré organizations, respectively on the topic of The right to an identity: Republic of Macedonia and Resolutions H. Res. 521 and H. Con. Res. 306. .His arguments follow the known nationalistic and un-historical thesis of the FYROM State such as Greece discover Macedonia in 1988 and several other thinks that you can read it in this link .

As I said one from the biggest lier of the Slavmacedonian politician was that Greece discover Macedonia in 1988. With the First Balkan War of the Balkan states against the Turks in 1912, when the Greek army liberated Thessaloniki, the Governorate- General of Macedonia (ΓΕΝΙΚΗ ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΗ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ) was established immediately, with its headquarters in Thessaloniki. It was well known that Greece had the right to do this and no one objected. Until 1944, no one ever conceived of the existence of any other Macedonia.and the first General Governor was Stefanos Dragoumis.

Also one from the FYROMian propaganda sources was the famous Rossos article with title The British Foreign Office and Macedonian National Identity, 1918-1941 In this article there is a quote that mention

1923: "In the course of conversation, Mr. Lambros [Governor General of Macedonia], actually said that the present was a good opportunity to get rid of the Bulgars [sic] who remained in this area and who had always been a source of trouble for Greece.

Also proffessor Marcus Alexander Templar gave a great answer with some intrestings historical facts such the Ottoman map that you can see below...

Major M. Nasrullah, Senior Captain M. Rüşdü, First Lieutenant M. Eşref; Osmanlı Atlası XX. Yüzyıl Başları; Osmanlı Araştırmaları Vakfı; İstanbul 2003; ISBN 975-7268-34-8

Let's read the article........

At the end they present the map of the present-day FYROM as the map of “ancient Macedonia,” an ancient Macedonia that NEVER existed. It is “their” version of Macedonia. Fifty years under the communist rule taught them to revise their history as it suits them.
On the other hand, the Greek maps display Macedonia in any website and any book, present only the Macedonian part of Greece, as Macedonia. Only historical maps show some parts that belong to The FYROM, as part of Lyngistis, Pelagonia, and the Macedonian Paeonia[1]. It is therefore evident that these maps demonstrate in a subtle, but clear manner that The FYROM Slavs do not recognize Hellenic sovereignty over the Greek part of Macedonia, Macedonia Proper; this is the reason they insist on calling it Aegean Macedonia and not Greek or Hellenic Macedonia. It also violates the Interim Agreement signed by both Greece and The FYROM and the Constitution of The FYROM itself – amendment replacing and clarifying article 49 of the said Constitution. The dream and the goal of The FYROM Slavs are the incorporation of the Hellenic part of Macedonia into their newly independent country with the city of Thessaloniki as the first prize.

This goal began in the 1800’s and not by the Slavs of The FYROM, but by a Bulgarian, aspiring to make the Bulgarian dream come true. This dream began with Georgi Stoykov Popovich or better known as Georgi Sava Rakovski of Kotel, Bulgaria, who dedicated his life for the liberation of geographic Macedonia for the Bulgarians.

On August 2-3 every year since its establishment, The FYROM celebrates the establishment of the ephemeral Krushevo Republic, a “republic” that started by Bulgarians and victimized the Greeks of the area of the villages of Krushevo. The Manifesto of Krushevo treated the term Macedonia geographically, calling for all Macedonians “regardless of faith, nationality, sex or conviction, not being able to endure any more the tyranny of bloodthirsty converts” to rise up against the Ottomans. For the first time in history Tito named his Slavs of the People’s Republic of Macedonia, “Macedonians” Stalin’s suggestion, and only recently, the self-proclaimed “Macedonian” Patriotic Organization, admitted they are actually Slavs[2]. Of course, he simultaneously declared his ignorance about the origin of the alphabet of his own old country.

The view that when the territories of Macedonia were divided into three areas, awarding Greece 51.57%, Serbia 38.32% and Bulgaria 10.11% of the total Macedonian territory, is based on erroneous discernment, which leads to miscalculations. These percentages are incorrect because they correspond to the area of Greek Macedonia (34,603 km2) and Bulgarian Macedonia (6,789 km2), but not to the actual section of the former Serbian Macedonia.

The territory of the present day FYROM (25,713 km2) was not totally part of Serbian Macedonia. Namely, the calculations mentioned in the previous paragraph refer to the republic[3] when it was formed after the WWII, disregarding the fact that Serbian territories merged with Serbian Macedonia in order to create the new “People’s Republic of Macedonia.”[4] There is no reference of “Macedonia” in the Treaty of Bucharest, because Macedonia did not exist, and thusly the Treaty divided the Vilayets of Selanik and Manastır of the Ottoman Empire

[1] See Templar, Fallacies and Facts, 2003, map The Macedonian Homeland.
[2] “The Macedonians are Slavs” Chris Evanoff, MPO President, 17 July 2002 – Letter to the Governor of Illinois. “Today the Macedonian alphabet and language are Slavic and differ completely from the Greek alphabet and language” Chris Evanoff, MPO President, 23 July 2002 – Letter to the Governor of Illinois.
[3] “People’s Republic of Macedonia” and in April 7, 1963 “Socialist Republic of Macedonia.”
[4] From personal experience: Skopje, i.e. belonged to Serbia and its inhabitants used to speak “old Serbian.”

Also you can read and the Istor article regarding Dimitov claims

The question is ....can we trust a politician that said to much lies as Nikola Dimitov ?

Can Balkan Peace trust a politician that his State *FYROM) generated falsifications and several factors that wish to serve their own interests by creating trouble in the Balkans

Greece objects to the use of the name "Republic of Macedonia" by FYROM, saying this may give rise to irredentist claims against a northern Greek province of the same name that shares a border with tiny and landlocked FYROM. It has also objected to FYROM's adoption of symbols associated with the ancient Macedonian king and general Alexander the Great as historically inaccurate.
Nikola Dimitrov are you trust as negotiator ? or you one that adopted the Macedonism ?



  2. Why don't you ask the United States. Are they afraid of Cuba, a little tiny country or is it a matter of International Law?


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